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  1. Käck / Kick - Rasperry

    Käck / Kick - Rasperry


    Kick is the dream of every licorice lover with its delicious and soft consistency. Kick piece is a perfect sweetener when you need energy filling. Try this sweet pepper that has a delicious raspberry! Learn More
  2. Käck / Kick - Original

    Käck / Kick - Original


    Liquorice toffee with its special crumbly texture. Learn More
  3. Käck / Kick - Seasalt

    Käck / Kick - Seasalt


    Delightful creamy licorice toffee for those who love salty licorice. Learn More
  4. Polly KICK Limited Edition

    Polly KICK Limited Edition

    Out of stock

    A perfect foam top for those who want to enjoy a delightful mix of Polly and Kick!

    Learn More

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