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Welcome to Butik Hemlängtan!

About Butik Hemlängtan

Who doesn't miss Sweden sometimes? The bright summer nights, midsummer, crawfish party, Lucia, smorgasbord, the pure peaceful nature....

About us
Us, Ann with family. We live in the very south of the county Dalarna in Sweden. In May 2007 I took over administration of webshop Butik Hemlängtan. For a long time we talked about starting a webshop and this one suited me perfect. 

Our goals
* Quick order handling
* Low shipping costs
* Quick email answers
* Large assortment

Do you miss something?
Just send us an e-mail and we will try to get it for you!

Let others know that we exist.
Let your friends know about Butik Hemlängtan. If we get more customers we can expand our assortment and you can enjoy more of Swedish quality products!

Please step inside and get a piece of Sweden sent to your home!