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  1. Garland Swedish Flag 9 Meters

    Garland Swedish Flag 9 Meters


    Garland, Swedish flag. 9 meters long. The appearance of the flag may vary Learn More
  2. Crayfish Party - Lobstergarland White

    Crayfish Party - Lobstergarland White


    A lobstergarland for the crayfish party. Learn More
  3. Crayfish Party - Paper Cups

    Crayfish Party - Paper Cups


    Paper Cups for the crayfish party Learn More
  4. Crayfish Party - Songs Booklet

    Crayfish Party - Songs Booklet


    A songs booklet for the crayfish party. (Appearance may vary slightly from the image.) Learn More
  5. Crayfish Party - Lobstergarland II

    Crayfish Party - Lobstergarland II


    A lobstergarland for the crayfish party. Learn More
  6. Crayfish Party - Paper Plate

    Crayfish Party - Paper Plate


    Paper plates for the crayfish party. Learn More
  7. Crayfish Party - Lobster Hat

    Crayfish Party - Lobster Hat

    A must for a successful crayfish party, the lobster party hat. Learn More
  8. Marabou Twist BigBag

    Marabou Twist BigBag

    The coveted Twist bag came in the 60's when everyone twisted too full to the Beatles. Today is the real test of true friendship if you can share a Twist bag without having to fight for the same pieces! Learn More
  9. Fazer Gröna Kulor

    Fazer Gröna Kulor

    Out of stock

    Sugarcoated marmalade balls, pear flavoured, in a box. From Fazer.
    Learn More
  10. Garland Swedish Flag

    Garland Swedish Flag


    Garland, Swedish flag. 2 meters long. The appearance of the flag may vary Learn More
  11. Crayfish Party - Lobster Bib

    Crayfish Party - Lobster Bib

    One of the items that might be good on a crayfish party, the lobster bib Learn More
  12. Absolute Christmas 3 CD

    Absolute Christmas 3 CD

    Regular Price: SEK289.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Out of stock

    3 Swedish audio CD:s containing Christmas music. Learn More
  13. Easter Egg Small

    Easter Egg Small

    A small traditional Swedish Easter Egg. Learn More
  14. Easter Egg Medium

    Easter Egg Medium

    A medium size traditional Swedish Easter Egg. Plenty of space for candy :) Learn More
  15. Crayfish Party - Lobstergarland

    Crayfish Party - Lobstergarland


    Out of stock

    A lobstergarland for the crayfish party. Learn More
  16. Crayfish Party - Lantern/Lamp

    Crayfish Party - Lantern/Lamp

    The classic crayfish party lantern/lamp. Learn More
  17. Napkins Crayfish Party

    Napkins Crayfish Party


    No one can survive a crayfish party without proper napkins Learn More
  18. Christmas Napkins

    Christmas Napkins


    Size 33 x 33 cm. Learn More

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