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  1. Marabou Twist BigBag

    Marabou Twist BigBag

    The coveted Twist bag came in the 60's when everyone twisted too full to the Beatles. Today is the real test of true friendship if you can share a Twist bag without having to fight for the same pieces! Learn More
  2. Fazer Gröna Kulor

    Fazer Gröna Kulor

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    Sugarcoated marmalade balls, pear flavoured, in a box. From Fazer.
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  3. Fisherman's Friend Spearmint

    Fisherman's Friend Spearmint

    Our newest flavor Spearmint was launched in Sweden in autumn 2013. Spearmint is a healthy and fresh taste, which among other things is suitable as a refresher for those who want to get a fresher mouthfeel. Learn More
  4. V6 Strong Teeth Spearmint

    V6 Strong Teeth Spearmint

    V6 Strong Teeth Sweet Menthol is a sugar-free chewing gum with fluorine and is a good choice to help protect your teeth. With a taste of fresh spearmint.
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