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  1. Ahlgrens Cars

    Ahlgrens Cars

    Car shaped candy, chewy and wonderful tutti frutti taste. Now in a bigger size bag. Gives you more to enjoy.

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  2. Ahlgrens Cars Sour Sugarcoated

    Ahlgrens Cars Sour Sugarcoated

    Ahlgren's cars Sour sugar is especially for those who love the sour in life. Our sour sugar cars have the good interior of the original but are lacquered with a delicious sour sugar surface. The result is a sour car that makes you happy.
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  3. Ahlgrens Bilar Salty Licorice

    Ahlgrens Bilar Salty Licorice

    Ahlgrens Bilar Salty Licorice Learn More
  4. Polly Bilar

    Polly Bilar

    Polly Bilar (Cars) is a new Polly bag visited by Ahlgrens bilar. The exterior consists of bright Polly Milk Chocolate and the inside of the unique flavors and colors from Ahlgren bilar. Learn More

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