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  1. Semper GlutenFree - Havrekakor

    Semper GlutenFree - Havrekakor

    A classic cookie, with a taste of oats!
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  2. Semper GlutenFree - Havredigestive

    Semper GlutenFree - Havredigestive


    Good gluten-free Good gluten-free oats digestive!
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  3. Semper GlutenFree - Oats

    Semper GlutenFree - Oats

    Pure Oats are oats that are specially handled, from seed, through cultivation and threshing to production, so that the risk of interference with other cereals is eliminated.
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  4. Semper GlutenFree - Havreknäcke

    Semper GlutenFree - Havreknäcke


    Full of perfection, gluten free. A crispy gluten- and lactose-free crunch without wheat starch. Baked with a perfect balance of pure oats, anise, fennel and cumin.
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  5. Semper GlutenFree - Havrekuddar

    Semper GlutenFree - Havrekuddar


    Oat pillows are crispy pillows made from pure oats and corn. Tastes great with milk, yogurt or film milk for breakfast and snack.
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