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  1. Sweden Keyband / RainHood

    Sweden Keyband / RainHood

    Regular Price: SEK89.00

    Special Price: SEK49.00

    A keyband with rain hood Learn More
  2. Cooler Bag Sweden

    Cooler Bag Sweden


    SWE Cooler Bag Learn More
  3. Embroidered Moose/Sweden Flag Shield

    Embroidered Moose/Sweden Flag Shield


    Embroidered piece, moose and Swedish flag shield. Learn More
  4. Sweden Stickers

    Sweden Stickers


    Sweden Stickers in different sizes Learn More
  5. Sweden Placement Card

    Sweden Placement Card


    Lovely placement cards with Swedish flag decoration.10 pcs per pack. Learn More
  6. Men T-Shirt Sweden

    Men T-Shirt Sweden

    Regular Price: SEK202.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Out of stock

    Good looking grey quality T-shirt. Learn More
  7. Sweden Socks Blue

    Sweden Socks Blue


    Ankle socks with Swedish flag and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  8. snaps Glass Sweden

    snaps Glass Sweden


    Schnapps with flower and Sweden text. One piece Learn More
  9. BeachTowel Sweden II

    BeachTowel Sweden II


    A big bathing towel in the Swedish spirit

    Learn More
  10. Sweden Keyring Dalecarlia Horse

    Sweden Keyring Dalecarlia Horse

    Keyring with Dalecarlia Horse, double-sided. Learn More
  11. Napkins Sweden Couple

    Napkins Sweden Couple


    Napkin Sweden Couple Mia.L Learn More
  12. Sweden Flag 150x90 cm

    Sweden Flag 150x90 cm


    Sweden Flag, Size: 150x90 cm Learn More
  13. Sweden Bathing Shorts

    Sweden Bathing Shorts

    Regular Price: SEK223.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Really cool bathing/swimming shorts with the Swedish flag and the text Sweden/Sverige.
    A must for every guy or girl in summer!
    Note, the shorts are smaller than average. If you normally uses Medium, pick Large for best fit. Learn More
  14. Sweden Socks white

    Sweden Socks white


    White ankle socks with Swedish flags and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  15. Headwear - Moose

    Headwear - Moose


    Stylish Headwear in stylish colors with mooses and Sweden text. Learn More
  16. Kitchen Towel Midsummer

    Kitchen Towel Midsummer


    Kitchen towel in Sweden / Midsummer motives

    Learn More
  17. Kitchen Towel Black Sweden

    Kitchen Towel Black Sweden


    A black kitchen towel, sweden Learn More
  18. Dalahorse/Table Decoration Girl

    Dalahorse/Table Decoration Girl


    Beautiful dalahorse table decoration. Made in Sweden. Learn More
  19. Sweden Moose Socks Blue

    Sweden Moose Socks Blue


    Best looking socks!
    Learn More
  20. Sweden Golf Balls - 3-pkg

    Sweden Golf Balls - 3-pkg

    Three golf balls with different kinds of Sweden/Moose logos. Learn More
  21. Sweden Playing Cards

    Sweden Playing Cards


    Playing cards with the Swedish flag. Learn More
  22. Sweden Sunglasses II

    Sweden Sunglasses II


    A must in the sun, Sweden sunglasses Learn More
  23. Glimmis Reflex Moose

    Glimmis Reflex Moose


    Reflex Moose Learn More
  24. Post Card Sweden

    Post Card Sweden


    15 cm x 10.5 cm Learn More
  25. Memory Game - Sweden II

    Memory Game - Sweden II


    Sweden Memo. Contains 32 cards, (16 pairs). Learn More

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