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  1. Bandana Sweden Yellow

    Bandana Sweden Yellow


    Out of stock

    Really Cool quality baby bandana/scarf.
    Yellow with blue Sweden embroided, a perfect bib Learn More
  2. Glimmis Reflex Pippi Langstrump

    Glimmis Reflex Pippi Langstrump


    Out of stock

    Reflex Pippi Langstrump Learn More
  3. Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Kurbits

    Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Kurbits


    Out of stock

    Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Kurbits Learn More
  4. Sweden Belt

    Sweden Belt


    Out of stock

    A nice belt with the text 'SWE' on the buckle. Learn More
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle - Sweden

    Jigsaw Puzzle - Sweden


    Out of stock

    Jigsaw puzzle containing 1000 pieces. Learn More
  6. Sweden Children Socks

    Sweden Children Socks


    Out of stock

    A must for children's foot. Children's Sock with Sweden colors and moose head with Sweden text on the ankle. Learn More
  7. Sweden Safari Hat

    Sweden Safari Hat


    Out of stock

    Stylish cool safari hat. Text printed on the hat, "Sweden Adventure"

    Size: Onesize Learn More
  8. Sweden Doll

    Sweden Doll


    Out of stock

    A very cute doll dressed in classical Sweden outfit. Learn More
  9. Music From Sweden (Folk music)

    Music From Sweden (Folk music)


    Out of stock

    A CD filled with Swedish folk music.

    Contains 31 different songs Learn More
  10. Greetings From Sweden (DVD)

    Greetings From Sweden (DVD)


    A film that shows Sweden around the country. From Stockholm, Sweden, the Ice Hotel, Dala horse production to live Swedish animals.

    The film comes in 8 different languages ​​and is 45 minutes long. Learn More
  11. Candle Holder Sweden

    Candle Holder Sweden


    Out of stock

    Swedish made holders for Candle tea lights. Learn More
  12. Glimmis Reflex Crown Gold

    Glimmis Reflex Crown Gold


    Out of stock

    Fine reflex shaped as a crown. Learn More
  13. Cheese Slicer Moose Bow

    Cheese Slicer Moose Bow


    Out of stock

    Lovely cheese slicer, Wooden handle with the text "Sweden" and a Moose. Learn More
  14. Embroidered Flag Shield SWEDEN

    Embroidered Flag Shield SWEDEN


    Fine embroidered piece, Swedish flag shield 6,5 cm Learn More

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