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  1. Marabou Milk Chocolate Roll

    Marabou Milk Chocolate Roll

    Sweden's most loved milk chocolate is available in all different formats. The roll is perfect to carry in your purse, at the cinema, in the car, on the couch? Learn More
  2. Marabou Graddnougat

    Marabou Graddnougat

    Think about it. Which praline is usually running out first in the Aladdin box? Learn More
  3. Marabou Co-Co

    Marabou Co-Co

    Sweden's most popular milk chocolate together with beloved Co-Co. Classic Marabou Milk chocolate with coconut flakes and taste of caramel

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  4. Zoo Tablet Box 3-pkg

    Zoo Tablet Box 3-pkg


    Malaco Zoo is one of Sweden's best known candy brands. Both the content and its design with the monkey, giraffe and parrot are true Swedish classics in the candy shelf. Small candy tablets of Zoo in ashes
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  5. Fruxo


    Fruxo is, as its name suggests, candy pieces with a taste of fruit. Added to Malaco's range as early as 1960, and has since been a popular product in Sweden.

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  6. Marabou M - Peanut

    Marabou M - Peanut

    Now there are 'M', one of Sweden's most popular movie candy, in three different flavors: peanut, hazelnut and crispy rice balls Learn More
  7. Cloetta Kexchoklad

    Cloetta Kexchoklad

    Sweden's best snack, Biscuit chocolate is our active Swedish classic which has a special place in the hearts of many Swedes.
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  8. Estrella DipMix - Holiday

    Estrella DipMix - Holiday

    Sweden's most purchased dip mix with a mild pepper and onion flavor.
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  9. Marabou Milk Chocolate

    Marabou Milk Chocolate

    Marabou Milk chocolate is Sweden's most beloved chocolate cake. It has been in the range since Marabou was founded and is still just as popular.
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  10. Marianne



    Hard mint with chocolate filling. The Marianne caramel began to be manufactured in 1949 in Finland. It was not until 1963 that the caramel began to be sold in Sweden.

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  11. Ahlgrens Cars

    Ahlgrens Cars

    Car shaped candy, chewy and wonderful tutti frutti taste. Now in a bigger size bag. Gives you more to enjoy.

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  12. Zoo Bag

    Zoo Bag

    Zoo is one of Sweden's best known candy brands. Both the contents and the bag's design with the monkey, giraffe and parrot are true Swedish classics in the candy shelf.

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  13. After Eight

    After Eight


    Wafer-thin mints, covered in dark chocolate, individually wrapped. Elegant gift pack format. Learn More
  14. Marabou Japp

    Marabou Japp

    Marabou Japp- Our beloved Japp in a lovely meeting with Sweden's most popular milk chocolate. Mmm ...!
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  15. Fisherman's Friend Spearmint

    Fisherman's Friend Spearmint

    Our newest flavor Spearmint was launched in Sweden in autumn 2013. Spearmint is a healthy and fresh taste, which among other things is suitable as a refresher for those who want to get a fresher mouthfeel. Learn More
  16. Fisherman's Friend Mint

    Fisherman's Friend Mint

    Our absolute bestseller in Sweden and a true classic with a fresh flavor of mint. Learn More
  17. Fisherman's Friend Salmiak

    Fisherman's Friend Salmiak

    The taste for salt liquorice lovers! A perfect combination of licorice and menthol, gives its unique character. The second most popular flavor in Sweden. Learn More
  18. Marabou Gingerbread *Limited Edition*

    Marabou Gingerbread *Limited Edition*

    Out of stock

    A meeting between Sweden's best-selling milk chocolate and Sweden's most beloved Christmas flavor - Marabou gingerbread is a new favorite for the whole family! Learn More
  19. Gott & Blandat Original

    Gott & Blandat Original

    Malaco Gott & Blandat was launched in Sweden in 1979 and quickly became one of our biggest folk favorites, appreciated by the whole family.
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