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  1. Polarknäcke


    Polar Round Original is a hard-crusted crust bread in the north of Sweden.
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  2. Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene Tunnbröd

    The bread is baked without added sugar and is suitable for eating at anything, anytime. The neutral taste emphasizes the toppings and the thin bread is therefore suitable for serving both traditional toppings and a festive cheese platter.
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  3. Pagen Crusts Unsweetened Wholemeal

    Pagen Crusts Unsweetened Wholemeal


    Unsweetened whole grain crusts with high fiber content and natural crispiness. When the body calls for new energy, it's time for snacks. Learn More
  4. Pagen Lingongrova Special Bread

    Pagen Lingongrova Special Bread


    Best start of the day! More lingonberries and less sugar make LingonGrova Special a slightly more useful alternative. Sweden's most beloved bread gives a really good start to any morning.
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  5. Pagen Gifflar

    Pagen Gifflar


    The original! Classic Cinnamon Croissants are baked with a tasty cinnamon filling that swirls all the way into the middle. This is precisely what has given them a special place in the Swedish people's fig heart. That, and they are so good that you just have to take one more.
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  6. Pagen Limpan

    Pagen Limpan


    Loved the loaf bread ! Now Sweden's best-selling loaf. Learn More
  7. Pagen LingonGrova Bread

    Pagen LingonGrova Bread


    Best start of the day! Sweden's most beloved bread is an indispensable part of the breakfast. Whole grains, sourdough and Swedish lingonberries make LingonGrova a really good start to any morning.
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  8. Ballerina Nougat Original

    Ballerina Nougat Original

    Ballerina is Sweden's most beloved biscuit and Gothenburg Biscuits most popular brand. The round original with the combination of crispy biscuits and soft nougat cream has been around since 1963.
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  9. Annas Gingerbread Original

    Annas Gingerbread Original

    Anna's Original is Anna's classic gingerbread that has spread joy for generations. Just as obvious for parties and traditional celebrations as for enjoyment in the middle of everyday life.
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  10. Findus Cinnamon Buns

    Findus Cinnamon Buns


    Findus Cinnamon Buns are Sweden's most purchased frozen cinnamon buns. The Cinnamon Bull is a real classic that we even celebrate with a very own day in Sweden, the Cinnamon Bull Day. We at Findus always strive to serve tasty cinnamon buns.
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  11. Pågen Jättefranska

    Pågen Jättefranska

    Delicious toast with clear and balanced taste - Great! Launched in 1960 and is Sweden's first sliced French. The idea came from the United States where sliced form French was extremely popular. Learn More
  12. Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon

    Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon


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    When fresh apple jam meets spicy cinnamon and whirls in perfect harmony inside golden-roasted croissants, you get irresistible croissants apple cinnamon. A delightful taste combo that makes you want to stretch for just one more.
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  13. Pagen Crusts Wheat

    Pagen Crusts Wheat


    Crispy crusts of sun-ripened wheat that are gently roasted golden. When the body calls for new energy, it's time for snacks Learn More
  14. Pagen Gifflar Saffron

    Pagen Gifflar Saffron


    You wait and wait and finally they are here! Croissants Saffron with its wonderfully creamy filling with almonds is better than all the lussballs together. Yes, you just have to take one more. It's Christmas anyway.
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