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  1. SlapWrap Dalecarlia Horse Reflex

    SlapWrap Dalecarlia Horse Reflex


    The perfect reflex. Put it on your arm, leg or ankle, but you can also place it on your purse or on the stroller.

    With the classic Swedish dala horse. Learn More
  2. Glimmis Swedish Flag Reflex

    Glimmis Swedish Flag Reflex


    Swedish Flag reflex Learn More
  3. Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Randig

    Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Randig


    Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Learn More
  4. Rain poncho/coat - Sweden (kids)

    Rain poncho/coat - Sweden (kids)


    A simple easy to use rain coat/poncho with the text "I love the weather in Sweden". Learn More
  5. T-shirt Vit Sweden Barn

    T-shirt Vit Sweden Barn


    A really fresh t-shirt for the coolest.

    Learn More
  6. Glimmis Reflex Moose

    Glimmis Reflex Moose


    Reflex Moose Learn More
  7. Sweden Sunglasses II

    Sweden Sunglasses II


    A must in the sun, Sweden sunglasses Learn More
  8. Sweden Moose Socks Blue

    Sweden Moose Socks Blue


    Best looking socks!
    Learn More
  9. Sweden Hoodie

    Sweden Hoodie


    Super nice looking Hoodie! Dark marine blue (not black). Learn More
  10. Woman Sweden Top/Vest

    Woman Sweden Top/Vest


    Nice Black Lady top/vest with "Sweden" text on the front side.
    Very good quality. Learn More
  11. Headwear - Moose

    Headwear - Moose


    Stylish Headwear in stylish colors with mooses and Sweden text. Learn More
  12. Cap Sweden - Blue

    Cap Sweden - Blue


    Really nice Sweden Kepa in blue. Embroidered SWEDEN under Embroidery classic three crowns that go in yellow. Has Velcro for neck adjustment Learn More
  13. Sweden Socks white

    Sweden Socks white


    White ankle socks with Swedish flags and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  14. Sweden Bathing Shorts

    Sweden Bathing Shorts

    Regular Price: SEK223.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Really cool bathing/swimming shorts with the Swedish flag and the text Sweden/Sverige.
    A must for every guy or girl in summer!
    Note, the shorts are smaller than average. If you normally uses Medium, pick Large for best fit. Learn More
  15. Sweden Socks Blue

    Sweden Socks Blue


    Ankle socks with Swedish flag and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  16. Men T-Shirt Sweden

    Men T-Shirt Sweden

    Regular Price: SEK202.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Out of stock

    Good looking grey quality T-shirt. Learn More
  17. Embroidered Moose/Sweden Flag Shield

    Embroidered Moose/Sweden Flag Shield


    Embroidered piece, moose and Swedish flag shield. Learn More
  18. Cooler Bag Sweden

    Cooler Bag Sweden


    SWE Cooler Bag Learn More
  19. Sweden Keyband / RainHood

    Sweden Keyband / RainHood

    Regular Price: SEK89.00

    Special Price: SEK49.00

    A keyband with rain hood Learn More
  20. Sweden Beach Bag

    Sweden Beach Bag


    The nicest beach bag, here you get everything you need for a full day at the beach

    Learn More
  21. Sweden Scarf II

    Sweden Scarf II


    A really big Sweden scarf.

    Learn More
  22. Hood Blue Craft Ski Team Sweden

    Hood Blue Craft Ski Team Sweden

    Regular Price: SEK200.00

    Special Price: SEK119.00

    Out of stock

    A really stylish hat, which is perfect for training
    Learn More
  23. Glimmis Reflex Emil

    Glimmis Reflex Emil


    Reflex Emil Learn More
  24. Reflective hood Gray brown

    Reflective hood Gray brown


    Out of stock

    A stylish hood with moose reflexes and Sweden text
    Learn More
  25. Coin Case Sweden

    Coin Case Sweden


    Black Coin Case Sweden with wonderful Swedish words such as MIDSOMMAR, Surströmming, Viking, Älg etc. Learn More

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