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  1. Sweden Socks 3-pack + Sweatband

    Sweden Socks 3-pack + Sweatband

    Regular Price: SEK108.00

    Special Price: SEK29.00

    3-pack of Sweden socks + a nice sweatband. Learn More
  2. Sweden Baby Body Crown Yellow

    Sweden Baby Body Crown Yellow


    Cozy, yellow baby body. Learn More
  3. Sweden T-Shirt Yellow

    Sweden T-Shirt Yellow


    Out of stock

    Good looking yellow Sweden T-shirt from Walking. Learn More
  4. Sweden T-Shirt Blue

    Sweden T-Shirt Blue


    Out of stock

    Good looking Sweden T-shirt from Walking. Learn More
  5. SlapWrap Dalecarlia Horse Reflex

    SlapWrap Dalecarlia Horse Reflex


    The perfect reflex. Put it on your arm, leg or ankle, but you can also place it on your purse or on the stroller.

    With the classic Swedish dala horse. Learn More
  6. Glimmis Swedish Flag Reflex

    Glimmis Swedish Flag Reflex


    Swedish Flag reflex Learn More
  7. Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Randig

    Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Randig


    Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Learn More
  8. Marabou Milk Chocolate Roll

    Marabou Milk Chocolate Roll

    Sweden's most loved milk chocolate is available in all different formats. The roll is perfect to carry in your purse, at the cinema, in the car, on the couch? Learn More
  9. Marabou Graddnougat

    Marabou Graddnougat

    Think about it. Which praline is usually running out first in the Aladdin box? Learn More



    Ergonomically bark collar that interrupts your dog's barking by a prerecorded voice command played back with and vibration that is perceived as disturbing for the dog. It is also possible to connect to a howling signal for maximum effect. You record your own voice command you normally use to get your dog to stop barking.

    This is the necklace for those who have trained in a command to get the dog to stop barking. Perfect when you are not around and can say the command.

  11. Canicalm Sonic Bark Control Soft Collar Ultrasound/Vibration

    Canicalm Sonic Bark Control Soft Collar Ultrasound/Vibration


    Ergonomic anti bark collar that interrupts your dog's barking through a harmless ultrasonic perceived as disturbing to the dog. You can also turn on vibration for maximum effect.

    New model with an ergonomic design that is comfortable for the dog and very easy to use. Learn More
  12. Marabou Gingerbread *Limited Edition*

    Marabou Gingerbread *Limited Edition*

    A meeting between Sweden's best-selling milk chocolate and Sweden's most beloved Christmas flavor - Marabou gingerbread is a new favorite for the whole family! Learn More
  13. Rain poncho/coat - Sweden (kids)

    Rain poncho/coat - Sweden (kids)


    A simple easy to use rain coat/poncho with the text "I love the weather in Sweden". Learn More
  14. Bang Sticks - It's Sweden

    Bang Sticks - It's Sweden


    Bang sticks or rocket balloons "It's Sweden". Learn More
  15. Carlsberg Pommac

    Carlsberg Pommac

    Pommac was launched in Sweden in 1919 and a few years later it became one of Swedens most famous soft drinks. Learn More
  16. Marabou Co-Co

    Marabou Co-Co

    Sweden's most popular milk chocolate together with beloved Co-Co. Classic Marabou Milk chocolate with coconut flakes and taste of caramel

    Learn More
  17. Polarknäcke


    Polar Round Original is a hard-crusted crust bread in the north of Sweden.
    Learn More
  18. Kavli Soft Cheese - Shrimp Box

    Kavli Soft Cheese - Shrimp Box

    Kavli Räkost is the whole of Sweden's favorite soft cheese, made from selected classic cheeses and 10% hand-peeled iceberg prawns. Fat content only 16%.
    Learn More
  19. Spendrups Trocadero

    Spendrups Trocadero

    Trocadero was launched in Sweden in the early 50's. Trocadero was manufactured under secret original recipe and tastes exactly the same today. A favorite that has been around for a long time! Learn More
  20. Coasters Sweden

    Coasters Sweden


    Coasters Sweden
    Sweden Views.
    Set of 6 different designs.
    Note that pictures/motif may differ slightly from image
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  21. Gingerbread Frames Sweden

    Gingerbread Frames Sweden


    Gingerbread Figure Frames in metal, wrapped in a nice gift bag Learn More
  22. Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene Tunnbröd

    The bread is baked without added sugar and is suitable for eating at anything, anytime. The neutral taste emphasizes the toppings and the thin bread is therefore suitable for serving both traditional toppings and a festive cheese platter.
    Learn More
  23. Memory Game - Sweden II

    Memory Game - Sweden II


    Sweden Memo. Contains 32 cards, (16 pairs). Learn More
  24. Pagen Crusts Unsweetened Wholemeal

    Pagen Crusts Unsweetened Wholemeal


    Unsweetened whole grain crusts with high fiber content and natural crispiness. When the body calls for new energy, it's time for snacks. Learn More
  25. Post Card Sweden

    Post Card Sweden


    15 cm x 10.5 cm Learn More

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