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  1. Spendrups Trocadero

    Spendrups Trocadero

    Trocadero was launched in Sweden in the early 50's. Trocadero was manufactured under secret original recipe and tastes exactly the same today. A favorite that has been around for a long time! Learn More
  2. Coasters Sweden

    Coasters Sweden


    Coasters Sweden
    Sweden Views.
    Set of 6 different designs.
    Note that pictures/motif may differ slightly from image
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  3. Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene Tunnbröd

    The bread is baked without added sugar and is suitable for eating at anything, anytime. The neutral taste emphasizes the toppings and the thin bread is therefore suitable for serving both traditional toppings and a festive cheese platter.
    Learn More
  4. T-shirt Vit Sweden Barn

    T-shirt Vit Sweden Barn


    A really fresh t-shirt for the coolest.

    Learn More
  5. Memory Game - Sweden II

    Memory Game - Sweden II


    Sweden Memo. Contains 32 cards, (16 pairs). Learn More
  6. Pagen Crusts Unsweetened Wholemeal

    Pagen Crusts Unsweetened Wholemeal


    Unsweetened whole grain crusts with high fiber content and natural crispiness. When the body calls for new energy, it's time for snacks. Learn More
  7. Post Card Sweden

    Post Card Sweden


    15 cm x 10.5 cm Learn More
  8. Glimmis Reflex Moose

    Glimmis Reflex Moose


    Reflex Moose Learn More
  9. Sweden Sunglasses II

    Sweden Sunglasses II


    A must in the sun, Sweden sunglasses Learn More
  10. Sweden Playing Cards

    Sweden Playing Cards


    Playing cards with the Swedish flag. Learn More
  11. Sweden Golf Balls - 3-pkg

    Sweden Golf Balls - 3-pkg

    Three golf balls with different kinds of Sweden/Moose logos. Learn More
  12. Sweden Moose Socks Blue

    Sweden Moose Socks Blue


    Best looking socks!
    Learn More
  13. Dalahorse/Table Decoration Girl

    Dalahorse/Table Decoration Girl


    Beautiful dalahorse table decoration. Made in Sweden. Learn More
  14. Zoo Tablet Box 3-pkg

    Zoo Tablet Box 3-pkg


    Malaco Zoo is one of Sweden's best known candy brands. Both the content and its design with the monkey, giraffe and parrot are true Swedish classics in the candy shelf. Small candy tablets of Zoo in ashes
    Learn More
  15. Kitchen Towel Black Sweden

    Kitchen Towel Black Sweden


    A black kitchen towel, sweden Learn More
  16. Kitchen Towel Midsummer

    Kitchen Towel Midsummer


    Kitchen towel in Sweden / Midsummer motives

    Learn More
  17. Sweden Hoodie

    Sweden Hoodie


    Super nice looking Hoodie! Dark marine blue (not black). Learn More
  18. Woman Sweden Top/Vest

    Woman Sweden Top/Vest


    Nice Black Lady top/vest with "Sweden" text on the front side.
    Very good quality. Learn More
  19. Fruxo


    Fruxo is, as its name suggests, candy pieces with a taste of fruit. Added to Malaco's range as early as 1960, and has since been a popular product in Sweden.

    Learn More
  20. Headwear - Moose

    Headwear - Moose


    Stylish Headwear in stylish colors with mooses and Sweden text. Learn More
  21. Cap Sweden - Blue

    Cap Sweden - Blue


    Really nice Sweden Kepa in blue. Embroidered SWEDEN under Embroidery classic three crowns that go in yellow. Has Velcro for neck adjustment Learn More
  22. Sweden Socks white

    Sweden Socks white


    White ankle socks with Swedish flags and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  23. Pagen Lingongrova Special Bread

    Pagen Lingongrova Special Bread


    Best start of the day! More lingonberries and less sugar make LingonGrova Special a slightly more useful alternative. Sweden's most beloved bread gives a really good start to any morning.
    Learn More
  24. Pagen Gifflar

    Pagen Gifflar


    The original! Classic Cinnamon Croissants are baked with a tasty cinnamon filling that swirls all the way into the middle. This is precisely what has given them a special place in the Swedish people's fig heart. That, and they are so good that you just have to take one more.
    Learn More
  25. Pagen Limpan

    Pagen Limpan


    Loved the loaf bread ! Now Sweden's best-selling loaf. Learn More

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