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  1. Pagen LingonGrova Bread

    Pagen LingonGrova Bread


    Best start of the day! Sweden's most beloved bread is an indispensable part of the breakfast. Whole grains, sourdough and Swedish lingonberries make LingonGrova a really good start to any morning.
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  2. Ballerina Nougat Original

    Ballerina Nougat Original

    Ballerina is Sweden's most beloved biscuit and Gothenburg Biscuits most popular brand. The round original with the combination of crispy biscuits and soft nougat cream has been around since 1963.
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  3. Annas Gingerbread Original

    Annas Gingerbread Original

    Anna's Original is Anna's classic gingerbread that has spread joy for generations. Just as obvious for parties and traditional celebrations as for enjoyment in the middle of everyday life.
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  4. Sweden Bathing Shorts

    Sweden Bathing Shorts

    Regular Price: SEK223.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Really cool bathing/swimming shorts with the Swedish flag and the text Sweden/Sverige.
    A must for every guy or girl in summer!
    Note, the shorts are smaller than average. If you normally uses Medium, pick Large for best fit. Learn More
  5. Felix Rhode Island Dressing

    Felix Rhode Island Dressing


    Felix's creamy Rhode Island dressing is made in Blekinge according to our own classic recipe with mild Swedish rapeseed oil, Swedish eggs from free-range chickens and tomatoesx. Learn More
  6. Sweden Flag 150x90 cm

    Sweden Flag 150x90 cm


    Sweden Flag, Size: 150x90 cm Learn More
  7. Napkins Sweden Couple

    Napkins Sweden Couple


    Napkin Sweden Couple Mia.L Learn More
  8. Sweden Keyring Dalecarlia Horse

    Sweden Keyring Dalecarlia Horse

    Keyring with Dalecarlia Horse, double-sided. Learn More
  9. BeachTowel Sweden II

    BeachTowel Sweden II


    A big bathing towel in the Swedish spirit

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  10. snaps Glass Sweden

    snaps Glass Sweden


    Schnapps with flower and Sweden text. One piece Learn More
  11. Fjällbrynt Softspread Cheese - Reindeer

    Fjällbrynt Softspread Cheese - Reindeer


    Our rhino is tasty and creamy, made from 100 percent Swedish Edamer and flavored with pieces of warm smoked reindeer meat and juniper berries and horseradish for that little extra twist Learn More
  12. Findus Cinnamon Buns

    Findus Cinnamon Buns


    Findus Cinnamon Buns are Sweden's most purchased frozen cinnamon buns. The Cinnamon Bull is a real classic that we even celebrate with a very own day in Sweden, the Cinnamon Bull Day. We at Findus always strive to serve tasty cinnamon buns.
    Learn More
  13. Bullens Hotdogs

    Bullens Hotdogs

    Classic from sweden. Learn More
  14. Sweden Socks Blue

    Sweden Socks Blue


    Ankle socks with Swedish flag and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  15. Men T-Shirt Sweden

    Men T-Shirt Sweden

    Regular Price: SEK202.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Out of stock

    Good looking grey quality T-shirt. Learn More
  16. Marabou M - Peanut

    Marabou M - Peanut

    Now there are 'M', one of Sweden's most popular movie candy, in three different flavors: peanut, hazelnut and crispy rice balls Learn More
  17. Cloetta Kexchoklad

    Cloetta Kexchoklad

    Sweden's best snack, Biscuit chocolate is our active Swedish classic which has a special place in the hearts of many Swedes.
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  18. Estrella DipMix - Holiday

    Estrella DipMix - Holiday

    Sweden's most purchased dip mix with a mild pepper and onion flavor.
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  19. Marabou Milk Chocolate

    Marabou Milk Chocolate

    Marabou Milk chocolate is Sweden's most beloved chocolate cake. It has been in the range since Marabou was founded and is still just as popular.
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  20. Marianne



    Hard mint with chocolate filling. The Marianne caramel began to be manufactured in 1949 in Finland. It was not until 1963 that the caramel began to be sold in Sweden.

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  21. Ahlgrens Cars

    Ahlgrens Cars

    Car shaped candy, chewy and wonderful tutti frutti taste. Now in a bigger size bag. Gives you more to enjoy.

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  22. Zoo Bag

    Zoo Bag

    Zoo is one of Sweden's best known candy brands. Both the contents and the bag's design with the monkey, giraffe and parrot are true Swedish classics in the candy shelf.

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  23. Sweden Placement Card

    Sweden Placement Card


    Lovely placement cards with Swedish flag decoration.10 pcs per pack. Learn More
  24. Sweden Stickers

    Sweden Stickers


    Sweden Stickers in different sizes Learn More
  25. Embroidered Moose/Sweden Flag Shield

    Embroidered Moose/Sweden Flag Shield


    Embroidered piece, moose and Swedish flag shield. Learn More

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