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  1. Estrella - Grill & Cheddar

    Estrella - Grill & Cheddar

    Ribbed potato chips with sour onion and cheddar flavor. Learn More
  2. Estrella Ostbågar Cheddar

    Estrella Ostbågar Cheddar

    Crunchy cheese doodles with genuin cheddar cheese. Learn More
  3. OLW Cheez Starz

    OLW Cheez Starz

    Out of stock

    OLW cheez starz is the new rising star in our classic cheez-family. Cheez starz is brittle cheese stars with a delightful combination of cream cheese and cheddar cheese that melts in your mouth. The taste of cheese is soft with a creamy and tangy character. A new star is born! Learn More
  4. Bla Band Sauce Dry Mix - Cheddar Mozzarella

    Bla Band Sauce Dry Mix - Cheddar Mozzarella

    A Swedish sauce dry mix by Blå Band. Learn More
  5. Semper Gluten Free - Cheese biscuits

    Semper Gluten Free - Cheese biscuits


    Out of stock

    A crunchy salt biscuit flavored with cheddar cheese. Learn More
  6. Kvibille Cheese - Cheddar

    Kvibille Cheese - Cheddar


    Out of stock

    Kvibille Diary is the only manufacturer of Swedish cheddar. Gentle sour. Layered 6-8 months. Fat content 32 %. Learn More

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