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Swedish products for cooking and baking
  1. DanSukker Brown Sugar

    DanSukker Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar consisting of sugar crystals and dark brown cane sugar syrup. Brown Sugar is something of an unknown spice that gives a new piquant taste. Not only in desserts and rear, but also in marinades, sauces, starters and main dishes, both fish and meat. Learn More
  2. Dansukker - White Syrup

    Dansukker - White Syrup

    White Syrup is great to use when baking wheat bread and buns. Wheat bread and buns stay soft and fresh longer and also get a little better Learn More
  3. Dansukker - Light Syrup

    Dansukker - Light Syrup

    Light Syrup is the classic base syrup and has a nice light color with caramel flavor. Ideal for sweets, cookies, desserts, sauces, meat dishes etc.
    Learn More
  4. Dansukker - Dark Syrup

    Dansukker - Dark Syrup

    Dark Syrup has more character with fuller aromatic caramel flavor, salt and acidity and is darker in color. Learn More
  5. Dansukker - Bread Syrup

    Dansukker - Bread Syrup

    Bread syrup contains more malt than before, 20%, which makes food breads even more musty and juicy Learn More
  6. DanSukker Vaniljsocker

    DanSukker Vaniljsocker

    Excellent for baking biscuits, from Dansukker. Learn More
  7. DanSukker Pearl Sugar

    DanSukker Pearl Sugar

    Sugar with coarse granularity, perfect for decoration to biscuits or bread Learn More
  8. DanSukker Jelly Sugar Gelesocker

    DanSukker Jelly Sugar Gelesocker

    Dansukker jelly sugar, use it for jelly desserts instead of gelatine. The jelly sugar gives a good consistency with water, fruitjuice and milk products - simple and easy to use. Learn More

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