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Swedish products for cooking and baking
  1. SantaMaria Citronsyra

    SantaMaria Citronsyra


    Citric acid (E330) occurs naturally in many fruits. The more citric acid, the more sour fruit. Citric acid can be used in juice and marmalades to get a sour product and it also has some preservative effect. Learn More
  2. Blockchoklad Ljus

    Blockchoklad Ljus

    Blockchoklad Ljus, Coop
    Learn More
  3. Bakchoklad Mörk

    Bakchoklad Mörk

    Bakchoklad lämpar sig för kakbaket och smälter bäst i vattenbad. Kladdkaka, fudge eller brownies - vilken är din favorit?
    Learn More
  4. Eldorado Cake Base

    Eldorado Cake Base

    Cake Base Learn More
  5. Dr Oetker - Bitter Almond Aroma/Flavoring

    Dr Oetker - Bitter Almond Aroma/Flavoring

    Bitter almond is a very popular flavor for cakes and pastries. Learn More
  6. DanSukker Brown Sugar

    DanSukker Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar consisting of sugar crystals and dark brown cane sugar syrup. Brown Sugar is something of an unknown spice that gives a new piquant taste. Not only in desserts and rear, but also in marinades, sauces, starters and main dishes, both fish and meat. Learn More
  7. Dansukker - White Syrup

    Dansukker - White Syrup

    White Syrup is great to use when baking wheat bread and buns. Wheat bread and buns stay soft and fresh longer and also get a little better Learn More
  8. Dansukker - Dark Syrup

    Dansukker - Dark Syrup

    Dark Syrup has more character with fuller aromatic caramel flavor, salt and acidity and is darker in color. Learn More
  9. Dansukker - Bread Syrup

    Dansukker - Bread Syrup

    Bread syrup contains more malt than before, 20%, which makes food breads even more musty and juicy Learn More
  10. Dansukker - Light Syrup

    Dansukker - Light Syrup

    Light Syrup is the classic base syrup and has a nice light color with caramel flavor. Ideal for sweets, cookies, desserts, sauces, meat dishes etc.
    Learn More
  11. Winborg Vinegar 12%

    Winborg Vinegar 12%

    Vinegar is used for inlays of vegetables, herring and stocking, and as an acid and flavor enhancer, in sauces, dressings, salads or sushi rice. Learn More
  12. Perstorp Vinegar 24%

    Perstorp Vinegar 24%

    Absolute pure vinegar 24%, absolutely non-alcoholic, will not cause allergy. Learn More
  13. SantaMaria Lemon Pepper

    SantaMaria Lemon Pepper

    Lemon pepper adds a fresh taste in salad dressing and fish dishes, especially when you cook the fish. Good enough to be single season, because the mix contains salt. Works well even as a table condiment. Learn More
  14. SantaMaria Cinnamon Ground

    SantaMaria Cinnamon Ground

    Ground Cinnamon from SantaMaria in bigbag. Cinnamon comes from the cinnamon tree´s bark. Cinnamon is tasty on porridge from grain of rice and semolina porridge. Also perfect to cookies, buns, soured milk and fruity desserts and so on. Learn More
  15. SantaMaria Wort Mix

    SantaMaria Wort Mix

    Based on malt and with the right herbs it makes the wortbread worth not to enjoy only for Christmas or easter, but also throughout the year. From Santa Maria. Learn More
  16. Saffron


    Dried Saffron from crocus pistils. Learn More
  17. Baking Powder

    Baking Powder

    Gives volume to desserts and pastries and cakes. Learn More
  18. DanSukker Vaniljsocker

    DanSukker Vaniljsocker

    Excellent for baking biscuits, from Dansukker. Learn More
  19. DanSukker Jelly Sugar Gelesocker

    DanSukker Jelly Sugar Gelesocker

    Dansukker jelly sugar, use it for jelly desserts instead of gelatine. The jelly sugar gives a good consistency with water, fruitjuice and milk products - simple and easy to use. Learn More
  20. DanSukker Pearl Sugar

    DanSukker Pearl Sugar

    Sugar with coarse granularity, perfect for decoration to biscuits or bread Learn More
  21. Fazer Chocolate - White

    Fazer Chocolate - White

    Fazer Eyes White chocolate is perfect for baking when making pastries and desserts with white chocolate such as muffins, cake or other goodies. Bake and enjoy
    Learn More
  22. Dr Oetker - Arrak Aroma/Flavoring

    Dr Oetker - Arrak Aroma/Flavoring

    Arrack comes from Indonesia and it is a very strong spirit of varieties based on rice and molasses. Learn More
  23. Dr Oetker - Peppermint Aroma/Flavoring

    Dr Oetker - Peppermint Aroma/Flavoring


    Peppermint Flavoring get their good mint flavor from the flavor-rich oil extracted from the peppermint plant .. Learn More
  24. Meringue



    Meringue Tops Bag
    Learn More
  25. Maizena Thickening - Light

    Maizena Thickening - Light

    Thickening from Maizena.
    For light sauces and stews. Sprinkled directly into the boiling liquid, guaranteed lump-free Learn More

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