Q: How much does the shipping cost?

A: It depends in where you live, the weight of the parcel and which kind of delivery option you chooses at checkout.
For all shipping options to show up correctly a valid zip code/postal code needs to be entered at checkout/cart.

Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide! Special exceptions occurs, we will contact you if this happens.
You can find a list of all countries we have shipped to here.

Q: I haven't had an answer to my email?
A: We anser all emails. Please check your spam folder, our answer may have ended up there. Also, add our email addresses (shop@swedishfoodshop.com or shop@butik-hemlangtan.se) to your adress book to avoid email issues.

Q: When do my parcel arrive?
A: Estimated delivery times for regular shipping within Europe is 3-5 business days.
Express shipping within Europe is 1-2 business days
Regular shipping outside Europe is 5-10 business days
Express shipping outside Europe is 2-4 business days.
Estimated delivery times are visible when selecting a shipping option.

Q: I want to buy a product that does not exist in the store, how do I do?
A: Give us as much information as possible about the product and we will do our best to get it for you.

Q: Discount coupon/code, where do I fill in the code?
A: Discount coupons can be added in the Shopping Cart.

Q: How about snus and the European Union??
A: According to the current laws and regulations we cannot send snus to a country within the European Union. Although, we can send Onico snus that is free from tobacco and nicotine.

Q: How is heat sensitive products being sent?
A: We are not able to send chilled packages, but we use for example paper wrapping to keep the goods as cold as possible. To speed up the delivery time so you can choose Express delivery.

If you have questions about a particular product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Help, I can't find the start page?
A: Click on the top header or  on the little house icon in the upper left corner.

Q: There are so many products, how can I find the right one?

A: There are two different search functions in the webshop, a standard one a an advanced version. The standard search function can always be found in the upper left corner and the advanced search  function is found in the top right corner.

Q: Are the prices displayed with or without VAT?
A: Catalog prices includes Swedish VAT. If you order to a country outside EU prices at checkout will be without Swedish VAT.

Q: Is it possible to get volume discounts?
A: Contact us if you wish to order larger quantities of a certain product and we will try to find a good solution.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We currently accept card payments and wire Bank Transfer. The cards you can use are VISA, MasterCard,American Express and Diners Club.