1. Semper GlutenFree - Mix Fiber

    Semper GlutenFree - Mix Fiber


    Gluten-free mix with milk. Semper gluten-free mix can be used for baking bread, buns, rusks/crusts or biscuits. The mix can also be used for cooking food for example pancakes, sauces or pies.
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  2. Semper GlutenFree - Mix

    Semper GlutenFree - Mix

    Our light flour blend Mix is a good base flour that can be used to replace ordinary wheat flour. Mix can be used for example when you want to bake gluten-free bread, draft cake, cinnamon buns or sponge cake, but works just as well for cooking and waffles.

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  3. Semper GlutenFree - Fin Mix

    Semper GlutenFree - Fin Mix

    Our popular Fin mix is a light flour mix that you can use instead of regular wheat flour. Fine mix is useful for all types of gluten-free baking and cooking. The unique composition is excellent for juicy breads and pastries, but also for a gluten-free bechamel sauce, rescue or breading.

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  4. Mix Well Gluten Free waffles- Mix

    Mix Well Gluten Free waffles- Mix

    Finally, we present a real mix, that is incredibly easy to use; just add water and oil. Learn More

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