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  1. Kung Oscar Spicy Gingerbread

    Kung Oscar Spicy Gingerbread

    King Oscar Gingerbread cookies are just as good for the mulled wine at Christmas time as for a cup of tea or a glass of milk at any time of the year. Learn More
  2. Wheat Wafers wholemeal Smörgåsrån

    Wheat Wafers wholemeal Smörgåsrån

    Gothenburg's Biscuit Sandwich Wafer Whole grain is a flavorful sandwich wafer with more fiber and a slightly coarser feel. Learn More
  3. Wheat Wafers Smörgåsrån

    Wheat Wafers Smörgåsrån

    Crispy sandwich wafers baked without added sugar, and thus have a naturally low sugar content. With wheat
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  4. Tom & Jerry Biscuits

    Tom & Jerry Biscuits


    Biscuits figures in the form of Tom & Jerry and their friends from the famous series, baked in pastry with vanilla flavor. Learn More
  5. Brago Letter Biscuits

    Brago Letter Biscuits

    When you want to play with letters, Brago Letter biscuits are crispy morning biscuits shaped like letters. Contains 30% less sugar than Tom & Jerry's biscuits and is 58% whole grains. The crispy morning biscuit with the mild vanilla flavor has been around since 1953 and is a clear favorite of the Swedish people

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  6. Cloetta Almond Bisque

    Cloetta Almond Bisque

    Almond biscuits, Our classic almond biscuits are a must for the rosehip soup, but it is also great to eat them without rosehip soup as candy.
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  7. Cadbury Chocolate Fingers

    Cadbury Chocolate Fingers

    Crispy biscuits coated with Cadbury milk chocolate.

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  8. Gingerbread Can  Hearts

    Gingerbread Can Hearts


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    Christmas 1888 we baked our very first plates with Christmas spiced gingerbread. Learn More
  9. Annas Classical GingerBread House (Kit).

    Annas Classical GingerBread House (Kit).


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    Anna's Gingerbread House is easy to put together and decorate. An old love tradition that has spread joy for generations.
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  10. Gingerbread Dough Skogaholm

    Gingerbread Dough Skogaholm

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    Let the creativity and the backbone sprout with our finished gingerbread dough. Houses, cars or large castles, only the imagination sets the limit.
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  11. Gingerbread Dough Gille

    Gingerbread Dough Gille

    Out of stock

    Classic gingerbread dough with flavor and aroma of cinnamon, ginger and carnation. Ready to bake.
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