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Pastry/Coffee Bread

Swedish classic "Fikabröd". Delicatobollar, Punschrullar and many many more Swedish pastries and coffee breads.
  1. Delicato Delicatoboll Chokladboll

    Delicato Delicatoboll Chokladboll

    Chocolate balls from Delicato, 6-pkg.
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  2. Delicato Punchrullar Dammsugare

    Delicato Punchrullar Dammsugare


    The punch roll, a classic "vacuum cleaner" with marzipan and taste of arrack.

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  3. Delicato Chocolate Biskvi

    Delicato Chocolate Biskvi

    Tasty almond base with soft cocoa cream and dark chocolate coating. Gluten-free.
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  4. Delicato Hallongrotta

    Delicato Hallongrotta

    Cake filled with sweet raspberry jam. Good for the last crumb!

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  5. Kärleksmums



    Karleksmums, 4-pack.
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  6. Rulltårta Hallon

    Rulltårta Hallon


    rollcake, raspberry flavor Learn More
  7. Skogaholm Lussekatter

    Skogaholm Lussekatter


    Out of stock

    <p>Classic buns baked with real saffron and raisins. Golden creamy and wonderfully juicy. Invite friends and family to a really tasty Advent picnic.</p> Learn More
  8. Nyåkers Mandelkubb

    Nyåkers Mandelkubb


    Almond cube. A real Swedish classic on the coffee table
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  9.  Swedish Fika box

    Swedish Fika box

    Out of stock

    A beautiful chocolate pastry box with design of the Swedish Flag

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  10. Coop Mazariner

    Coop Mazariner


    Soft almond cake with sweet, white glaze. Suitable for a coffee break, the picnic or a small dessert after dinner. Learn More
  11. Göteborgskex Remi Nougat

    Göteborgskex Remi Nougat

    Remi is a cookie specially developed for chocolate lovers and is a real classic that has been around since the 60's. The favorite Remi Nougat is crisp chocolate biscuits soaked in milk chocolate (formerly Condis). Remi is also available with mint and chocolate.
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  12. Göteborgskex Remi Mint

    Göteborgskex Remi Mint

    Remi is a cookie specially developed for chocolate lovers and is a real classic. The crispy biscuit with mint and chocolate has been around since the 60s.
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  13. Hägges Mandelkubb

    Hägges Mandelkubb


    Classic almond cube, the original with the right flavor.
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  14. Eldorado Cake Base

    Eldorado Cake Base

    Cake Base Learn More
  15. Marabou Cookies Milk Chocolate

    Marabou Cookies Milk Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate Cookies are crispy cookies with lovely milk chocolate that work equally well at the coffee table, cozy hour or when you want to have a wonderful time for yourself.
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  16. Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon

    Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon


    When fresh apple jam meets spicy cinnamon and whirls in perfect harmony inside golden-roasted croissants, you get irresistible croissants apple cinnamon. A delightful taste combo that makes you want to stretch for just one more.
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  17. Pagen Gifflar Saffron

    Pagen Gifflar Saffron


    Out of stock

    You wait and wait and finally they are here! Croissants Saffron with its wonderfully creamy filling with almonds is better than all the lussballs together. Yes, you just have to take one more. It's Christmas anyway.
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  18. Pagen Gifflar

    Pagen Gifflar


    The original! Classic Cinnamon Croissants are baked with a tasty cinnamon filling that swirls all the way into the middle. This is precisely what has given them a special place in the Swedish people's fig heart. That, and they are so good that you just have to take one more.
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  19. Findus Cinnamon Buns

    Findus Cinnamon Buns


    Findus Cinnamon Buns are Sweden's most purchased frozen cinnamon buns. The Cinnamon Bull is a real classic that we even celebrate with a very own day in Sweden, the Cinnamon Bull Day. We at Findus always strive to serve tasty cinnamon buns.
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  20. Meringue



    Meringue Tops Bag
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  21. Cookies Arrak

    Cookies Arrak


    Arrak ball
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  22. Gille Cookies - GilleBalls

    Gille Cookies - GilleBalls


    Disappearing good with abundant and full chocolate flavor and decorated with coconut flakes. Children's favorite!
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  23. Gille Cookies - Punsch Roll

    Gille Cookies - Punsch Roll


    Classic "vacuum cleaner" with chocolate and arrack filling. Coated with marzipan and dipped in cocoa glaze.
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  24. Cloetta Mums-Mums

    Cloetta Mums-Mums

    Beautifully fluffy foam ball with the deliciously screwed shape!
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  25. Cadbury Chocolate Fingers

    Cadbury Chocolate Fingers

    Crispy biscuits coated with Cadbury milk chocolate.

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