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Pastry/Coffee Bread

Swedish classic "Fikabröd". Delicatobollar, Punschrullar and many many more Swedish pastries and coffee breads.
  1. Marabou Cookies Milk Chocolate

    Marabou Cookies Milk Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate Cookies are crispy cookies with lovely milk chocolate that work equally well at the coffee table, cozy hour or when you want to have a wonderful time for yourself.
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  2. Gille Cookies - GilleBalls

    Gille Cookies - GilleBalls


    Disappearing good with abundant and full chocolate flavor and decorated with coconut flakes. Children's favorite!
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  3. Gille Cookies - Punsch Roll

    Gille Cookies - Punsch Roll


    Classic "vacuum cleaner" with chocolate and arrack filling. Coated with marzipan and dipped in cocoa glaze.
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