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Glutenfree cookies, biscits and bread.
  1. Semper GlutenFree- Pizza Bread

    Semper GlutenFree- Pizza Bread

    Finished pizza bread from Semper

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  2. Semper GlutenFree - Lantknäcke

    Semper GlutenFree - Lantknäcke

    A thin, fiber rich, crispy and very good crispbread. Also with important vitamins and minerals. Ideal for both breakfast and dinner snacks.
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  3. Semper GlutenFree - Linfröknäcke

    Semper GlutenFree - Linfröknäcke

    A real gourmet crunch topped with flax seeds. Baked in our own little bakery in the heart of Dalarna. Free of gluten, lactose and baked without wheat starch.
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  4. Semper GlutenFree - Grovknäcke

    Semper GlutenFree - Grovknäcke

    Traditional crispbread baked in our own crispbread bakery. Free from gluten, lactose and baked without wheat starch.
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  5. Semper Glutenfri - Superknäcke  Chia

    Semper Glutenfri - Superknäcke Chia

    Super Crunch Chia is packed with exciting flavors from nature such as chia, teff & buckwheat! Our good crispbread is gluten-free, lactose-free and without added wheat starch and sugar, as well as suitable for vegans.
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  6. Semper GlutenFree - Crispbread

    Semper GlutenFree - Crispbread


    Full of tradition, gluten free. An old-fashioned crispbread in fine crescents. Great packaging for the whole family. Also with important vitamins and minerals.
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  7. Semper GlutenFree - Spisbröd

    Semper GlutenFree - Spisbröd

    Full of crisp, gluten free. A tasty and crispy crispbread baked with sourdough, teff and gluten-free oatmeal Free from gluten, lactose and baked without wheat starch
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  8. Wasa GlutenFree - Crispbread

    Wasa GlutenFree - Crispbread

    Gluten Free & Lactose Free Natural, Our gluten-free and lactose-free crispbread with a delicious taste and a beautiful golden color and a wonderful crispiness. Packed in convenient portion packages to keep the bread fresh and comfortable for the whole family.
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  9. Semper GlutenFree - Havreknäcke

    Semper GlutenFree - Havreknäcke


    Full of perfection, gluten free. A crispy gluten- and lactose-free crunch without wheat starch. Baked with a perfect balance of pure oats, anise, fennel and cumin.
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  10. Semper GlutenFree - Crusts

    Semper GlutenFree - Crusts


    Crispy crusts seasoned with cardamom to give the crusts the right traditional flavor.
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  11. Semper GlutenFree - Digestivekex

    Semper GlutenFree - Digestivekex


    Good gluten-free digestive biscuits! Perfect to have at home in the pantry. With milk.
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  12. Semper GlutenFree - Havredigestive

    Semper GlutenFree - Havredigestive


    Good gluten-free Good gluten-free oats digestive!
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  13. Semper GlutenFree - Gingerbread cookies

    Semper GlutenFree - Gingerbread cookies


    Really good gingerbread, one of our most appreciated products.
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  14. Semper GlutenFree - Havrekakor

    Semper GlutenFree - Havrekakor

    A classic cookie, with a taste of oats!
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  15. Semper GlutenFree - Caramel cookies

    Semper GlutenFree - Caramel cookies


    A real cookie that fits all kinds of celebrations!
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  16. Semper GlutenFree - Chocolate Cookies

    Semper GlutenFree - Chocolate Cookies


    A classic and tasty cookie with chocolate. These gluten-free chocolate cakes are suitable for all occasions. Tip! Try to crumble them into the ice cream, mums!
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  17. ICA GlutenFree Brungräddat

    ICA GlutenFree Brungräddat


    CA Gluten free brungräddat crispy crispbread

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  18. Semper GlutenFree - Piruett Raspberry

    Semper GlutenFree - Piruett Raspberry

    Lively favorite with raspberry filling.
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  19. Semper GlutenFree - Piruett Chocolate

    Semper GlutenFree - Piruett Chocolate

    Piruette, now with chocolate flavor! Lactose free.

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