Swedish quality food. Everything from kalles kaviar to bullens pilsnerkorv.
  1. Kungsörnen Havrekli

    Kungsörnen Havrekli


    Havrekli innehåller 18 g kostfiber per 100 g, varav ca 12 g olösliga och 6 g lösliga Learn More
  2. Kungsörnen Vetekross

    Kungsörnen Vetekross


    Bread with wheat groats in becomes coarse texture, good mouth feel and rich flavor.
    Keyhole Marked (fiber enriched). Learn More
  3. Kungsörnen Rågkross

    Kungsörnen Rågkross


    Bread with cracked rye kernels in texture becomes coarse, good mouth feel and a rich, good taste.
    Keyhole Marked (rich in fiber). Learn More
  4. Kungsörnen Idealmjöl

    Kungsörnen Idealmjöl

    Quick dissolving preparation of sauces and stews. Learn More

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