Swedish quality food. Everything from kalles kaviar to bullens pilsnerkorv.
  1. Sockerdricka


    One of Swedish soft drink greatest classics. Has a distinct sweetness without being overly sweet and is loved by both old and young soda lovers. Learn More
  2. Cookies Arrak

    Cookies Arrak


    Arrak ball
    Learn More
  3. Coop Mazariner

    Coop Mazariner


    Soft almond cake with sweet, white glaze. Suitable for a coffee break, the picnic or a small dessert after dinner. Learn More
  4. Crispy Fried Onions *BigBag*

    Crispy Fried Onions *BigBag*

    Crispy Fried Onions Learn More
  5.  Sliced Beetroot

    Sliced Beetroot


    Sliced & Pickled Beetroot is sweet sliced beetroot which is in a syrup with a fresh acid. Learn More

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