Swedish quality food. Everything from kalles kaviar to bullens pilsnerkorv.
  1. Wasa Breadcrumbs

    Wasa Breadcrumbs


    Finest spread bread made from fresh, freshly baked crispbread.
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  2. Wasa Crisp´n Wheat

    Wasa Crisp´n Wheat


    Crisp´n wheat is a crispy, airy and mild bread. Baked with carefully selected ingredients. It is perfect for breakfast and snack just as it is or with your favorite dish. Crisp'n wheat is easy to bring on a picnic or for work. Learn More
  3. Wasa Husman

    Wasa Husman

    Discover Wasa Husman, our rye classic baked with the same recipes and care for more than 80 years. And we're not going to change anything. Our particularly crunchy and rough favorite will be baked in the same way for many more years.
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  4. Wasa Frukost

    Wasa Frukost


    Discover Wasa Breakfast, our mild and crispy crunch baked on wheat and topped with delicious golden roasted poppy seeds. It fits, as the name reveals, perfect for a crisp and happy start to the day for the whole family.
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  5. Falu Rye Original

    Falu Rye Original


    The bread is also shaped so that it consists of crispy airbags in perfect rows, making it more than one bread. Break it in the middle to make two breads, or break all the pillows apart to make breakfast cereals.
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