Swedish quality food. Everything from kalles kaviar to bullens pilsnerkorv.
  1. Pågen Jättefranska

    Pågen Jättefranska

    Great for many good things. As a sandwich or lovely canapés. As grilled toast or a plain toasted sandwich course. Delicious and simple. Learn More
  2. Pagen Lingonberry Bread Special

    Pagen Lingonberry Bread Special


    For those who love a delicious coarse bread with more berries and less sugar!

    Rich, full of wholegrain and sour dough that gives a bit of sourness. The whole rye kernels contribute to nature and a richer tone, which sunflower seeds gently round off Learn More
  3. Pagen Lingonberry Bread

    Pagen Lingonberry Bread


    Flavour of Lingon and wort. Learn More
  4. Pågen Hönökaka Bigpack

    Pågen Hönökaka Bigpack

    Pågen HonoBread is a delicious and well baked soft bread. Its baked since the fifties under a oroginal recipe from the fishing villages in the West Coast that is over hundred years old. Learn More
  5. Pågen Loaf - Original

    Pågen Loaf - Original


    Pågen Loaf has fermented longer, to be extra soft and juicy. Its baked on wheat, rye, sourdough and syrup. Pågen loaf is perfect almost to everything. Learn More
  6. Pågen Kavring

    Pågen Kavring


    Pågen Kavring is a classic juicy coarse bread. A bread baked with respect for tradition and genuine Swedish joy for food.

    Pågen Kavring has a toffee sweetness and a pleasant roasted crust. It is made of sift rye flour, wholegrain rye flour and sourdough. A slice of greve or västerbotten cheese suits perfectly. A bread that turns everyday into a feast. Learn More
  7. Pågen Quattro

    Pågen Quattro


    Out of stock

    Pleasure that feels good. Savor the flavor of four grains, nutty sunflower seeds and rich whole grains. Tasty ingredients that give a spicy and delicious bread. Quattro offers a well-balanced taste experience that is perfected when the bread is roasted Learn More
  8. Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon

    Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon


    Try this new, completely irresistible flavor combination for a great Christmas. Learn More
  9. Pagen Gifflar

    Pagen Gifflar


    Pagen gifflar is small wheat bread. A mouthful or two for both small or big mouths. The perfect snack on the beach, the yard, picnic or the coffee break. Learn More
  10. Pagen Gifflar Saffron

    Pagen Gifflar Saffron


    Out of stock

    Pågen Saffron croissants. Learn More
  11. Rusk Krisprolls Wheat

    Rusk Krisprolls Wheat


    For you who want a crust that is really delicious crispy. With natural and carefully selected ingredients Learn More
  12. Rusk Krisprolls Unsweetened Wholemeal

    Rusk Krisprolls Unsweetened Wholemeal

    For you who want a crust that is good as it is. With natural and carefully selected ingredients. Learn More
  13. Rusk Pågen Cardamum

    Rusk Pågen Cardamum

    Pågen Cardamum Rusk, you really can enjoy.

    Deliciously tasty biscottes with flavour of the finest cardemum. Crunchy tasty they are a perfect company to a cup of coffee or the, or why not a glass of milk. Eat them any time you are hungry for something really good. Learn More

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