Swedish quality food. Everything from kalles kaviar to bullens pilsnerkorv.
  1. AXA Müsli Gold

    AXA Müsli Gold

    AXA Gold Original Muesli with nuts and dried fruit fit to eat with yogurt for breakfast or as a snack. Learn More
  2. AXA Müsli Gold Nut

    AXA Müsli Gold Nut

    AXA Gold Muesli Nut, generously with hazelnuts, sunflowers and nougat buffs Learn More
  3. Axa Berries Muesli

    Axa Berries Muesli

    Berries Muesli was developed along with AXA's nutritionists. Contains crispy puffs made from oats and sweet colorful blueberries. Learn More
  4. Axa Rye Flakes Rågflingor

    Axa Rye Flakes Rågflingor

    Loaded with goods. Good for porridge, muesli or baking. Learn More
  5. Axa rolled oats Fibre Enriched

    Axa rolled oats Fibre Enriched

    Contains rolled oats and wheat bran that has been cultivate on swedish fields. Learn More
  6. Axa Mannagryn

    Axa Mannagryn


    AXA Mannagryn is made from the fine inner part of the wheat kernel and the groats have a wonderfully soft taste. Perfect for classic semolina porridge or a delicious dessert!

    Learn More
  7. Axa Sportgryn

    Axa Sportgryn

    A mixture of oats and rye flakes, produced in collaboration with the Swedish elite skiers Learn More
  8. GoGreen Korngryn

    GoGreen Korngryn

    Barley is a fiber-rich grain that has long been a part of Nordic cuisine. Barley grains are made in a traditional way, where the whole grains are easily ground and cut. Barley can be used as an alternative to couscous, rice and pasta
    Learn More
  9. Axa rolled oats

    Axa rolled oats


    Axa rolled oats, a classic. Wholemeal rich and markt with Swedish "nyckelhål". Less sugar, salt and more fibre than other provisions by the same sort. For Porrigde, bake and cooking. Learn More

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