Tablet Boxes

Tablet boxes. Small candy boxes.
  1. Zoo Tablet Box 3-pkg

    Zoo Tablet Box 3-pkg


    Malaco Zoo is one of Sweden's best known candy brands. Both the content and its design with the monkey, giraffe and parrot are true Swedish classics in the candy shelf. Small candy tablets of Zoo in ashes
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  2. Fruxo Tablet Box 3-pkg

    Fruxo Tablet Box 3-pkg


    3 fruxo tablet boxes, from Malaco Leaf.
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  3. PimPim Tablet Box 3-pkg

    PimPim Tablet Box 3-pkg


    3 PimPim tablet boxes, from Malaco Leaf. Learn More
  4. Fazer Emser

    Fazer Emser

    A Swedish classic since 1933. Learn More
  5. Sweet Bears Ask

    Sweet Bears Ask

    Gel tablets with sweet fruit flavor Learn More
  6. Tutti Frutti Tablet Box

    Tutti Frutti Tablet Box

    Fruity Tutti Frutti spreads joy and sunshine to everyone. The Tutti Frutti Original lozenges are vegan-friendly and contain only natural dyes. The fresh fruit pastels get their taste of natural aromas.
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  7. Viol Tablet Box

    Viol Tablet Box

    A tablet box with Viol from Fazer is a classic for many. Viols are classic lozenges with a taste of violet
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  8. Salta Katten Tablet Box

    Salta Katten Tablet Box

    Licorice candy pastilles from Fazer. Learn More

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