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Household Items

Swedish household items.
  1. Blanket Sweden

    Blanket Sweden


    Soft and cozy Sweden fleece blanket

    . Learn More
  2. Napkins Elk/Moose

    Napkins Elk/Moose


    Size 33 X 33 cm. Weight: 120 g Learn More
  3. Mug With Mooses

    Mug With Mooses


    Really nice coffee mug with mooses, now everything tastes so much better!
    Learn More
  4. Cushion Cover DalaHorse

    Cushion Cover DalaHorse


    Cushion cover with embroidered Dala horses. Blue and white.
    From Gripsholm Learn More
  5. Key Holder/Opener  Dalecarlia Horse

    Key Holder/Opener Dalecarlia Horse


    Out of stock

    Swedish keychain/opener Learn More
  6. Moose Blanket

    Moose Blanket


    Soft and cozy fleece blanket, white and black. Learn More
  7. Blanket pippi

    Blanket pippi


    Wonderful plaid in 100% acrylic

    . Learn More
  8. Dalahorses Blanket

    Dalahorses Blanket


    Out of stock

    Soft and cozy fleece blanket , white with red dalahorses.

    130x170 cm.

    Learn More
  9. Ice Cube Bags

    Ice Cube Bags


    Ice Cube Bags by Toppits

    Contains 10 bags Learn More
  10. Freeze/Ice Bags

    Freeze/Ice Bags

    Freeze/ice bags. Available in more than one size. Learn More
  11. Napkins Crayfish Party

    Napkins Crayfish Party


    No one can survive a crayfish party without proper napkins Learn More
  12. Christmas Napkins

    Christmas Napkins


    Size 33 x 33 cm. Learn More
  13. Napkins Elk/Moose II

    Napkins Elk/Moose II


    Size 33 X 33 cm. Weight: 120 g Learn More
  14. Napkins Party

    Napkins Party


    Out of stock

    Perfect napkins for the party. 12 different drinking songs are printed on the napkins. (in Swedish) Learn More
  15. Napkins Dalecarlia Horse

    Napkins Dalecarlia Horse

    20 napkins with Swedish with dalecarlia horse Learn More
  16. Napkin Beige Moose

    Napkin Beige Moose


    Beige napkin with moose, from victoria's design house

    Learn More
  17. Napkin Swedish Flag

    Napkin Swedish Flag


    20 napkins in a package, Swedish flag
    Fika, time for a break
    Learn More
  18. Napkins Crayfish Party Big

    Napkins Crayfish Party Big

    Regular Price: SEK42.00

    Special Price: SEK19.00

    20 pcs crayfish party napkins Learn More
  19. Napkins Sweden Couple

    Napkins Sweden Couple


    Napkin Sweden Couple Mia.L Learn More
  20. Cheese Slicer - Dala Horse Tinterova

    Cheese Slicer - Dala Horse Tinterova


    Out of stock

    A really fine Swedish Cheese Slicer
    Learn More
  21. Toffee Moulds

    Toffee Moulds


    From Toppits, 240 items Learn More
  22. Aluminium forms Toppits

    Aluminium forms Toppits


    30 Aluminium forms from Toppits. Learn More
  23. Ice Chocolate Forms Aluminium

    Ice Chocolate Forms Aluminium


    Aluminium molds from Toppits, 40 items. Learn More
  24. Muffin Forms

    Muffin Forms


    From Toppits, 48 items Learn More
  25. Kitchen Towel  Dalahorse Tinterova

    Kitchen Towel Dalahorse Tinterova


    Kitchen Towel Dalahorse Learn More

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