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Household Items

Swedish household items.
  1. Libero Cream

    Libero Cream

    Cream Unscented baby ointment 100ml Eco-labeled Libero Learn More
  2. Libero Lotion

    Libero Lotion

    Mild, natural and Swan-labeled infant lotion, without perfume, can be used from day one. Contains Nordic canola oil with moisturizing vitamin E has a nourishing, moisture-retaining and softening effect on the skin .. Learn More
  3. Libero Baby Wash

    Libero Baby Wash

    Unscented Baby wash 200ml Eco-labeled Libero Learn More
  4. Libero Zinc Cream

    Libero Zinc Cream

    Unscented Zinc Cream 60ml Eco-labeled Learn More
  5. Libero Shampoo

    Libero Shampoo

    Unscented Baby Shampoo 200ml Eco-labeled Libero Learn More
  6. Libero baby Oil

    Libero baby Oil

    Unscented Baby oil 150ml Eco-labeled Libero Learn More
  7. Libero Bubble Bath

    Libero Bubble Bath

    Libero Unscented Bubble bath children soap 200ml Eco-labeled Learn More

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