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Household Items

Swedish household items.
  1. Cheese Slicer Moose Bow

    Cheese Slicer Moose Bow


    Lovely cheese slicer, Wooden handle with the text "Sweden" and a Moose. Learn More
  2. Rolling Pin - Children Large

    Rolling Pin - Children Large


    Wooden rolling pin for children. Made of Beech.
    30 cm. Learn More
  3. Multi Function Tool

    Multi Function Tool


    Multi function tool with swedish flag and ''sweden'' text
    Learn More
  4. Kronljus Liljeholmens

    Kronljus Liljeholmens


    white candles 4-pkg from Liljeholmen Learn More
  5. Cheese Slicer - Moose Black

    Cheese Slicer - Moose Black


    A really fine Swedish Cheese Slicer Learn More
  6. Cheese Slicer - Dala Horse Red

    Cheese Slicer - Dala Horse Red


    A really fine Swedish Cheese Slicer with red plastic handle Learn More
  7. Can-opener Black

    Can-opener Black


    Opener from ICA Cook & Eat. Learn More
  8. Garlic Press With Cleaner

    Garlic Press With Cleaner


    Garlic Press With Cleaner Learn More
  9. Cheese Slice Moose Head

    Cheese Slice Moose Head

    Out of stock

    <p>Lovely cheese slicer with the "head" shaped as the head of a moose. Wooden handle.</p> Learn More
  10. Measuring Set/Spoons Steel

    Measuring Set/Spoons Steel


    Measuring set made of stainless steel. Learn More
  11. Thermos Moose

    Thermos Moose


    Thermos , 500 ml Learn More
  12. Trivet Metal Moose

    Trivet Metal Moose


    Out of stock

    Trivet metal moose Learn More
  13. Snaps Glass Moose 4-Pack

    Snaps Glass Moose 4-Pack


    Out of stock

    Shots / Snaps Glass Design Heidi Lange. 4 pcs with moose motifs

    Learn More
  14. Blanket Sweden

    Blanket Sweden


    Soft and cozy Sweden fleece blanket

    . Learn More

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