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Household Items

Swedish household items.
  1. Coasters landscape Weapon

    Coasters landscape Weapon


    Coasters with landscape Weapon motifs Learn More
  2. Oven Glove Dalahorse Nina Design

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Nina Design


    Oven glove in red and black with Dalahorses contour

    Learn More
  3. Potholder Dalahorse Nina Design

    Potholder Dalahorse Nina Design


    Potholder in red and black with Dalahorses contour

    Learn More
  4. Cheese Slicer Moose Bow

    Cheese Slicer Moose Bow


    Out of stock

    Lovely cheese slicer, Wooden handle with the text "Sweden" and a Moose. Learn More
  5. Ice Pack

    Ice Pack


    A ice pack from Giostyle in 2-pack.

    We put them in order freeze. Great if you ordered chocolate or chark to warm country
    Learn More
  6. Coasters Dala Horses

    Coasters Dala Horses


    Coasters Dalahorses
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  7. Planksteksplanka 2-Pack

    Planksteksplanka 2-Pack


    FSC certified wooden board 2-Pack Learn More
  8. Apron Tinterova

    Apron Tinterova


    Out of stock

    Design Tinterova. 100% cotton. Length 85 x 60 cm. Learn More
  9. Potholder Dalahorse Tinterova

    Potholder Dalahorse Tinterova


    Out of stock

    Potholder in red and blue with Dala Horse. Learn More
  10. /

    Measuring Spoon Dala Horse


    Measuring spoon made of oiled alder wood with burned Dala Horse Designs in the shaft. Learn More
  11. Tray Midsummer

    Tray Midsummer


    Out of stock

    Lovely tray in midsummer motives Learn More
  12. Tray Moose

    Tray Moose


    Cool tray with moose motives
    Learn More
  13. Coasters Nordic Animal

    Coasters Nordic Animal


    Really Cool coasters with Nordic Animal motifs in green and black Learn More
  14. Key Holder/Opener Moose

    Key Holder/Opener Moose


    Swedish key ring with bottle opener, silver colored with a black moose. Learn More
  15. Coasters Carl Larsson

    Coasters Carl Larsson


    Wonderful coasters with Carl Larsson motif.
    Learn More
  16. Salt - Pepper Can Midsummer

    Salt - Pepper Can Midsummer


    Salt and pepper can in porcelain.
    Height 7cm, ø 4cm.
    The price refers to both salt and pepper cans.
    Learn More
  17. Tablemat Tinterova

    Tablemat Tinterova


    Tablemat Tinterova Learn More
  18. Hästskylt WELCOME

    Hästskylt WELCOME


    Horse Table WELCOME

    Learn More
  19. Hästskylt VÄLKOMMEN

    Hästskylt VÄLKOMMEN


    Horse Table VÄLKOMMEN

    Learn More
  20. Thermo Mug Midsummer

    Thermo Mug Midsummer


    Out of stock

    Thermos mug Sweden, for hot and cold drinks

    Learn More
  21. Dish Cloth - Dalahorse

    Dish Cloth - Dalahorse


    When you want a little luxury it in the kitchen, dish rack Cloth Dalahorse motives, which is printed in water-based color.

    Learn More
  22. Coasters Dala Horses Tinterova

    Coasters Dala Horses Tinterova


    Coasters Dalahorses
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  23. Rolling Pin - Children Large

    Rolling Pin - Children Large


    Wooden rolling pin for children. Made of Beech.
    30 cm. Learn More
  24. Multi Function Tool

    Multi Function Tool


    Multi function tool with swedish flag and ''sweden'' text
    Learn More
  25. Coasters Midsummer

    Coasters Midsummer


    Really cool Coasters Midsummer motives Learn More

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