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Christmas Food

Swedish Christmas food. Herring, crispbread, caviar spread and more. Here you will also find all delicious Christmas candy.
  1. Cloetta Foam Santa - Vanilla / Strawberry

    Cloetta Foam Santa - Vanilla / Strawberry

    Out of stock

    The beloved Christmas foam original! A bag full of fluffy and delicate pink rags with white beard and irresistible strawberry flavor. No Christmas without Christmas foam!
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  2. Polly Bilar

    Polly Bilar

    Polly Bilar (Cars) is a new Polly bag visited by Ahlgrens bilar. The exterior consists of bright Polly Milk Chocolate and the inside of the unique flavors and colors from Ahlgren bilar. Learn More
  3. Polly Super crunch

    Polly Super crunch

    Polly has replaced its foam-filled contents with crunchy crunch. Polly Super Crunchy is coated with delicious milk chocolate and the combination of crispy, just salty wheat puffs and soft chocolate is a real highlight as both Friday snacks and Saturday sweets. So miserable that it is impossible to just take one! Learn More
  4. Romerska Bågar

    Romerska Bågar


    Out of stock

    Milk chocolate with a flavour of orange. A box laden of elegant taste for quite a while of luxury. Learn More

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