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Christmas Food

Swedish Christmas food. Herring, crispbread, caviar spread and more. Here you will also find all delicious Christmas candy.
  1. Skogaholm Lussekatter

    Skogaholm Lussekatter


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    <p>Classic buns baked with real saffron and raisins. Golden creamy and wonderfully juicy. Invite friends and family to a really tasty Advent picnic.</p> Learn More
  2. Skogaholm Vörtlimpa - Without Raisin

    Skogaholm Vörtlimpa - Without Raisin


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    Our traditional wort limp without raisins is soft and juicy, mildly spiced with wort and classic Christmas spices. Perfect for the whole family.
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  3. Skogaholm Vortlimpa - With Raisin

    Skogaholm Vortlimpa - With Raisin


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    Our slightly finer Christmas carrot, baked with raisins and classic Christmas spices, is soft, juicy and wonderfully musty. Perfect for the whole family.
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  4. Gingerbread Dough Skogaholm

    Gingerbread Dough Skogaholm

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    Let the creativity and the backbone sprout with our finished gingerbread dough. Houses, cars or large castles, only the imagination sets the limit.
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