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Christmas Food

Swedish Christmas food. Herring, crispbread, caviar spread and more. Here you will also find all delicious Christmas candy.
  1. Polarknäcke


    Polar Round Original is a hard-crusted crust bread in the north of Sweden.
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  2. Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene Tunnbröd

    The bread is baked without added sugar and is suitable for eating at anything, anytime. The neutral taste emphasizes the toppings and the thin bread is therefore suitable for serving both traditional toppings and a festive cheese platter.
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  3. Gene Fiber ThinBread

    Gene Fiber ThinBread

    Gene Fiber Thin Bread is a fiber-rich thin bread with no added sugar that is suitable for eating at anything at any time. Each pack weighs 330g and contains 10 pieces of bread.
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