1. snaps Glass Sweden

    snaps Glass Sweden


    Schnapps with flower and Sweden text. One piece Learn More
  2. Oven Glove Dalahorse Black/white

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Black/white


    Oven glove with Dalah horse motif. Black and white. Design Heidi Lange. Learn More
  3. Pot stand Tinterova

    Pot stand Tinterova


    Pot stand Tinterova Learn More
  4. Coasters Midsummer

    Coasters Midsummer


    Really cool Coasters Midsummer motives Learn More
  5. Potholder Dalahorse Black/White

    Potholder Dalahorse Black/White


    Pot patch with Dalah horse. Black and white Learn More
  6. Tablemat Tinterova

    Tablemat Tinterova


    Tablemat Tinterova Learn More
  7. Coasters Carl Larsson

    Coasters Carl Larsson


    Wonderful coasters with Carl Larsson motif.
    Learn More
  8. Pot stan Landscape

    Pot stan Landscape


    Superfine potholder with landscape weapon motifs Learn More
  9. Snaps Glass Moose 4-Pack

    Snaps Glass Moose 4-Pack


    Out of stock

    Shots / Snaps Glass Design Heidi Lange. 4 pcs with moose motifs

    Learn More
  10. Oven Glove Dalahorse Kurbits

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Kurbits


    Really nice Oven glove with Dalahäst / kurbits motif.

    Learn More
  11. Pot stand Moose

    Pot stand Moose


    Super-fine pot base with Elk motif, in cork Learn More
  12. Pot stand Nordic Animal

    Pot stand Nordic Animal


    Super-fine potstand with Nordic Animal motif, in cork Learn More
  13. Tray Tintervoa

    Tray Tintervoa


    Tray with the incredibly popular Tinterova design
    Design: Caroline Tinterova Learn More
  14. Tray Sweden

    Tray Sweden


    Lovely tray with Sweden Text
    It will not be more Swedish than this Learn More
  15. Apron Moose

    Apron Moose


    Out of stock

    Design Heidi Lange.
    100% cotton. Learn More
  16. Apron Dalahorse Black/white

    Apron Dalahorse Black/white


    Design Heidi Lange.
    100% cotton. Learn More
  17. Potholder Dalahorse Kurbits

    Potholder Dalahorse Kurbits


    Really stylish potholder with Dalahäst / kurbits motif

    Learn More
  18. Felix Delikatess Meatballs

    Felix Delikatess Meatballs


    Tasty little delicate meatballs made from Swedish meat. Cooked with care in Skåne.
    Learn More
  19. Napkins Crayfish Party Big

    Napkins Crayfish Party Big

    Regular Price: SEK42.00

    Special Price: SEK19.00

    20 pcs crayfish party napkins Learn More
  20. Candy, By Weight - Sour Cola Dummies

    Candy, By Weight - Sour Cola Dummies

    Really sour candy shaped as dummies. Learn More
  21. Candy, By Weight - Fishes

    Candy, By Weight - Fishes

    Jellied candy shaped as fishes in different colors. Learn More
  22. Candy, By Weight - Licorice Fudge

    Candy, By Weight - Licorice Fudge

    Licorice fudge candy. Wonderful taste. Learn More
  23. Candy, By Weight - Skumbananer

    Candy, By Weight - Skumbananer

    Marshmallow like candy. Shaped as a small banana. Learn More
  24. Candy, By Weight - Tutti Frutti

    Candy, By Weight - Tutti Frutti

    Lovely colors and wonderful taste. Learn More
  25. Candy, By Weight - Watermelon

    Candy, By Weight - Watermelon

    Candy shaped as watermelons, sweet. Learn More

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