1. Gustafskorv



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    Gustafskorv is made from horse meat. Smoked with the skin on. Suitable as a topping on the sandwich, to the buffet table and in cooking.

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  2. Scan Prinskorv/Chipolata Sausage 600g

    Scan Prinskorv/Chipolata Sausage 600g


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    If you order this product we STRONGLY recommend that you choose Express and frozen delivery. Learn More
  3. Scan Grillkorv

    Scan Grillkorv

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    Wonderfully juicy barbecue sausages with thin skins that are ideal for both grill and frying pan. And of course the meat is only from Swedish farms. Learn More
  4. Scan Hot Dogs

    Scan Hot Dogs

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    A real favorite that suits both young and old. Our tasty and classic hot dog works just as good to have for everyday use as well as for the excursions. And of course, meat only from animals on Swedish farms. Learn More
  5. Lithells Småländsk Kalvsylta

    Lithells Småländsk Kalvsylta


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    Lithells Småländsk Kalvsylta Learn More

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