1. Cloetta Påskeskum

    Cloetta Påskeskum

    Påskeskum, mallow candy, by Cloetta. Learn More
  2. Romerska Bågar

    Romerska Bågar


    Out of stock

    Milk chocolate with a flavour of orange. A box laden of elegant taste for quite a while of luxury. Learn More
  3. Easter Egg With Candy

    Easter Egg With Candy


    A plastic transparent Swedish Easter Egg containing approximately 400gr mixed candy. Learn More
  4. Cloetta Juleskum POLKA 2019

    Cloetta Juleskum POLKA 2019

    Out of stock

    Juleskum "caramel" flavoured mallows, by Cloetta. Learn More
  5. Cloetta Juleskum, Foam Santas - Vanilla/Strawberry

    Cloetta Juleskum, Foam Santas - Vanilla/Strawberry

    Out of stock

    Vanilla/Strawberry Foam Candy shaped like Santa, from Cloetta. Learn More
  6. Polly Bilar

    Polly Bilar

    Out of stock

    Polly Bilar (Cars) is a new Polly bag visited by Ahlgrens bilar. The exterior consists of bright Polly Milk Chocolate and the inside of the unique flavors and colors from Ahlgren bilar. Learn More
  7. Polly Super crunch

    Polly Super crunch

    Just for the autumn's lovely little moments with the family, Polly launches a new crisp news. The foamy content is exchanged for crisp, lightly salted vet puffs which are thenchopped with chocolate Learn More
  8. Candy, By Weight - Tutti Frutti

    Candy, By Weight - Tutti Frutti

    Lovely colors and wonderful taste. Learn More

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