1. Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon

    Pagen Gifflar Apple Cinnamon


    Try this new, completely irresistible flavor combination for a great Christmas. Learn More
  2. Pågen Kavring

    Pågen Kavring


    Pågen Kavring is a classic juicy coarse bread. A bread baked with respect for tradition and genuine Swedish joy for food.

    Pågen Kavring has a toffee sweetness and a pleasant roasted crust. It is made of sift rye flour, wholegrain rye flour and sourdough. A slice of greve or västerbotten cheese suits perfectly. A bread that turns everyday into a feast. Learn More
  3. Pagen Gifflar Saffron

    Pagen Gifflar Saffron


    Out of stock

    Pågen Saffron croissants. Learn More

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