1. Lucia TärnLjus Gold colored LED

    Lucia TärnLjus Gold colored LED

    Gold colored Tärnljus in LED = Long Life Less Energy Learn More
  2. Dalahorse/Table Decoration Santa Boy

    Dalahorse/Table Decoration Santa Boy


    Santa Boy on horse in Christmas colors Learn More
  3. Dalahorse/Table Decoration Santa Girl

    Dalahorse/Table Decoration Santa Girl


    Santa girl on horse in Christmas colors Learn More
  4. Snow Globe  Christmas Penguin

    Snow Globe Christmas Penguin


    A really nice snow globe, with Christmas theme, penguins and Christmas tree.

    Learn More
  5. Candle Lantern Dalahorse Carousel

    Candle Lantern Dalahorse Carousel


    Super nice candle lantern carousel with Dalahorses, silver colored.

    Learn More
  6. Graveleijs HomeMade Mustard

    Graveleijs HomeMade Mustard


    Strong and sweet mustard from Graveleijs, in glass jar. Learn More
  7. Porridge Bundler Grötris

    Porridge Bundler Grötris


    Make Porridge of short grain rice. Boil the groats in milk and eat it with milk and jam, or cinnamon. Learn More
  8. Annas Classical GingerBread House (Kit).

    Annas Classical GingerBread House (Kit).


    Out of stock

    Anna's Gingerbread House is easy to put together and decorate. An old love tradition that has spread joy for generations.
    Learn More
  9. Napkins Dalecarlia Horse

    Napkins Dalecarlia Horse

    20 napkins with Swedish with dalecarlia horse Learn More
  10. Snaps Glass Dalahorse Tinterova

    Snaps Glass Dalahorse Tinterova


    Snaps glass Tinterova Learn More
  11. Coasters Moose

    Coasters Moose


    Really cool Coasters Moose motives
    Learn More
  12. Potholder Dalahorse Nina Design

    Potholder Dalahorse Nina Design


    Potholder in red and black with Dalahorses contour

    Learn More
  13. Pot standMidsummer

    Pot standMidsummer


    Superfine pottery with Midsummer motif Learn More
  14. Tablemat Tinterova

    Tablemat Tinterova


    Tablemat Tinterova Learn More
  15. Swedish Flagpole Dorre

    Swedish Flagpole Dorre


    Out of stock

    Table flag with silver plated bar
    Learn More
  16. Swedish Flagpole

    Swedish Flagpole


    Table flag with white bar, Flag for Sweden, birthday children and anniversaries or students and bride and groom.
    Learn More
  17. Coasters Dala Horses

    Coasters Dala Horses


    Coasters Dalahorses
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  18. Apron Tinterova

    Apron Tinterova


    Out of stock

    Design Tinterova. 100% cotton. Length 85 x 60 cm. Learn More
  19. Bang Sticks - It's Sweden

    Bang Sticks - It's Sweden


    Bang sticks or rocket balloons "It's Sweden". Learn More
  20. Pot stand Tinterova

    Pot stand Tinterova


    Pot stand Tinterova Learn More
  21. Pot stan Landscape

    Pot stan Landscape


    Superfine potholder with landscape weapon motifs Learn More
  22. Coasters Midsummer

    Coasters Midsummer


    Really cool Coasters Midsummer motives Learn More
  23. Potholder Dalahorse Black/White

    Potholder Dalahorse Black/White


    Pot patch with Dalah horse. Black and white Learn More
  24. Potholder Midsummer

    Potholder Midsummer


    Gryt patch Midsummer/Sweden, Design Heide Langeg.

    Learn More
  25. Coasters Dala Horses Tinterova

    Coasters Dala Horses Tinterova


    Coasters Dalahorses
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More

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