1. After Eight

    After Eight


    Wafer-thin mints, covered in dark chocolate, individually wrapped. Elegant gift pack format. Learn More
  2. Tomte Gusten STOR

    Tomte Gusten STOR


    Santa Claus Tim'' &'' Gurra''
    With knitted cap and beard of genuine sheepskin
    This is Gusten!
    Learn More
  3. Smålänningens Jul 2019

    Smålänningens Jul 2019


    Utökat jubileumsnummer 95 år Learn More
  4. Kitchen Towel  Dalahorse Kurbits

    Kitchen Towel Dalahorse Kurbits


    Really stylish kitchen towel with Dalahäst / kurbits motif. Design Tinterova

    Learn More
  5. Coasters landscape Weapon

    Coasters landscape Weapon


    Coasters with landscape Weapon motifs Learn More
  6. Advent Calendar Chocolate

    Advent Calendar Chocolate


    Advent Calendar Chocolate, motifs may vary Learn More
  7. Apotekarnes Easter Root Beer

    Apotekarnes Easter Root Beer


    Out of stock

    1.5 litre Learn More
  8. Garland Swedish Flag

    Garland Swedish Flag


    Garland, Swedish flag. 2 meters long. The appearance of the flag may vary Learn More
  9. Gustafskorv



    Out of stock

    Gustafskorv is made from horse meat. Smoked with the skin on. Suitable as a topping on the sandwich, to the buffet table and in cooking.

    Learn More
  10. Romerska Bågar

    Romerska Bågar


    Out of stock

    Milk chocolate with a flavour of orange. A box laden of elegant taste for quite a while of luxury. Learn More
  11. Wienernougat


    Out of stock

    Wienernougat contains 30 delicious packaged chocolate creams with flavour of lovely almond nougat. From Fazer. Learn More
  12. Cloetta Påskeskum

    Cloetta Påskeskum

    Påskeskum, mallow candy, by Cloetta. Learn More
  13. Skogaholm Vörtlimpa - Without Raisin

    Skogaholm Vörtlimpa - Without Raisin


    Out of stock

    From Skogaholm, without raisin. Learn More
  14. Tomtegumma



    Out of stock

    Brighten up your home for Christmas with this gorgeous little "Tomtegumma".
    Knitted striped cardigan in red and gray. In her hands she holds a red heart made of wood. Learn More
  15. Crayfish Party - Paper Cups

    Crayfish Party - Paper Cups


    Paper Cups for the crayfish party Learn More
  16. Gene Fibre Tunnbröd

    Gene Fibre Tunnbröd

    Gene fibre tunnbröd/flatbread, by Polarbröd. Learn More
  17. Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene tunnbröd/flatbread, by Polarbröd. Learn More
  18. Santa Hoodie/Beanie Luxury

    Santa Hoodie/Beanie Luxury


    Santa Hoodie/Beanie Learn More
  19. Saturnus Mull Wine Concentrate

    Saturnus Mull Wine Concentrate


    Out of stock

    Saturnus Mull Wine Learn More
  20. Table Decoration Santa

    Table Decoration Santa


    Old-fashioned table-top decoration, Large plot 13 cm high.
    Learn More
  21. Fazer Geisha Chocolate Box

    Fazer Geisha Chocolate Box

    A full box of 350 grams wrapped chocolate pralines. So you can share your dreams. The pralines are also available in bulk. Learn More
  22. Fazer Mint Chocolate Box

    Fazer Mint Chocolate Box

    Out of stock

    Dark chocolate filled with smooth minty-creme. One of Fazers most wellknown products. Learn More
  23. Christmas Diet Root Beer Apotekarnes

    Christmas Diet Root Beer Apotekarnes

    Out of stock

    1,4 Litres Christmas Diet root beer from Apotekarnes. Learn More
  24. Candleholder - Advent

    Candleholder - Advent


    A nice Advent candle holder perfect for Advent / Christmas
    Learn More
  25. Absolute Christmas 3 CD

    Absolute Christmas 3 CD

    Regular Price: SEK289.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Out of stock

    3 Swedish audio CD:s containing Christmas music. Learn More

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