1. Wienernougat


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    <p>Wienernougat contains 30 delicious packaged chocolate creams with flavour of lovely almond nougat. From Fazer.</p> Learn More
  2. Fazer Mint Chocolate Box

    Fazer Mint Chocolate Box

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    Dark chocolate filled with smooth minty-creme. One of Fazers most wellknown products. Learn More
  3. Fazer Geisha Chocolate Box

    Fazer Geisha Chocolate Box

    A full box of 270 grams wrapped chocolate pralines. So you can share your dreams.
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  4. Fazer Chocolate - Milk

    Fazer Chocolate - Milk

    Fazer Eyes Light Chocolate is perfect for baking when you are going to make pastries and desserts with chocolates such as draft cake, chocolate muffins, cake or other goodies. Learn More
  5. Fazer Chocolate - White

    Fazer Chocolate - White

    Fazer Eyes White chocolate is perfect for baking when making pastries and desserts with white chocolate such as muffins, cake or other goodies. Bake and enjoy
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  6. Fazer Chocolate - Dark

    Fazer Chocolate - Dark

    Chocolate for christmas candy and desserts. Made by Fazer.

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  7. Fazer Gröna Kulor

    Fazer Gröna Kulor

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    Sugarcoated marmalade balls, pear flavoured, in a box. From Fazer.
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  8. Chocolate, By Weight - Dumle

    Chocolate, By Weight - Dumle

    Dumle, Soft toffee covered with milk chocolate.

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