1. Klädesholmen Pickled Herring 5 Minutes

    Klädesholmen Pickled Herring 5 Minutes


    Out of stock

    Ready for your own seasoning. We have already marinated and watered the herring. Learn More
  2. Abbas Inlay Herring

    Abbas Inlay Herring

    Out of stock

    For you who wants to decide by yourself which flavour/taste it would be, but concurrently not have to do the boring preparation to empty the herring from water. Learn More
  3. Abba Mästarmakrill 2-pkg

    Abba Mästarmakrill 2-pkg

    Abba Mästermakrill (mackerel) in tomato sauce. Learn More
  4. Abba Frying Herring

    Abba Frying Herring


    Out of stock

    Fried salted herring is an appreciated Swedish dish. Abbas frying herring fillets are ready to use immediately. Learn More

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