1. Fazer Mint Chocolate Box

    Fazer Mint Chocolate Box

    Dark chocolate filled with smooth minty-creme. One of Fazers most wellknown products. Learn More
  2. 7-Arms Advent Candleabrar - White

    7-Arms Advent Candleabrar - White


    Wooden Advent Candleabrar, 7 arms. Learn More
  3. Gingerbread´s Costume

    Gingerbread´s Costume


    Gingerbread´s Costume Learn More
  4. 7-Arms Advent Candleabrar - Wood

    7-Arms Advent Candleabrar - Wood


    Out of stock

    Wooden Advent Candleabrar, 7 arms. Learn More
  5. Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene Tunnbröd

    Gene tunnbröd/flatbread, by Polarbröd. Learn More
  6. Gene Fibre Tunnbröd

    Gene Fibre Tunnbröd

    Gene fibre tunnbröd/flatbread, by Polarbröd. Learn More
  7. Easter Feather Decoration Chicken & Rabbits

    Easter Feather Decoration Chicken & Rabbits

    Out of stock

    Swedish Easter feather decorations with small chickens and rabbits. Learn More
  8. Easter Egg Small

    Easter Egg Small

    A small traditional Swedish Easter Egg. Learn More
  9. Easter Egg Medium

    Easter Egg Medium

    A medium size traditional Swedish Easter Egg. Plenty of space for candy :) Learn More
  10. Nygårda Easter Root Beer

    Nygårda Easter Root Beer


    Out of stock

    1.5 litre Learn More
  11. Polarknäcke


    Polarknäcke. Tunnbröd/flatbread, by Polarbröd. Learn More
  12. Outdoor Torch 2-pack

    Outdoor Torch 2-pack

    Outdoor Torch 2-pack. Burning time approx. 4 hours Learn More
  13. Christmas Decoration

    Christmas Decoration


    Christmas Decoration matching for example advent candleholder. Learn More
  14. Candleholder - Advent

    Candleholder - Advent


    A nice Advent candle holder perfect for Advent / Christmas
    Learn More
  15. Batteristyrd Träljusstake Ledlampor Brun

    Batteristyrd Träljusstake Ledlampor Brun


    Out of stock

    Otroligt vacker adventsljusstake med Ledlampor. Batteristyrd, så ingen sladd att hålla reda på!

    Learn More
  16. Easter Egg With Candy

    Easter Egg With Candy


    A plastic transparent Swedish Easter Egg containing approximately 400gr mixed candy. Learn More
  17. Santa Costume Children

    Santa Costume Children


    Santa Children Costume. Learn More
  18. Gingerbread Dough Skogaholm

    Gingerbread Dough Skogaholm

    Gingerbread dough from Skogaholm (If out of stock we will automatically replace with Gille Gingerbread Dough) Learn More
  19. Stockfish


    Out of stock

    Stockfish, choose between with or without skin. Learn More
  20. Christmas Root Beer Apotekarnes

    Christmas Root Beer Apotekarnes

    1,4 Litres Christmas root beer from Apotekarnes. Learn More
  21. Amelia Christmas Special

    Amelia Christmas Special


    Magazine in Swedish, Christmas special. Learn More
  22. Allers Christmas Magazine

    Allers Christmas Magazine


    Allers Magazine in the swedish language With Christmas special. Learn More
  23. Elsa Beskow - Petter och Lottas jul

    Elsa Beskow - Petter och Lottas jul


    Swedish picture book for children. Learn More
  24. Votive Candle/Thelight

    Votive Candle/Thelight


    Adventskalenderljus. Märkt till Nr 24. Learn More
  25. Calendar Candle - Black

    Calendar Candle - Black


    Out of stock

    Calendar Candle. Marked to nr 24. Learn More

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