1. Ice Chocolate Forms Aluminium

    Ice Chocolate Forms Aluminium


    Aluminium molds from Toppits, 40 items. Learn More
  2. Christmas Napkins

    Christmas Napkins


    Size 33 x 33 cm. Learn More
  3. Mamma Mu Firar Jul (CD)

    Mamma Mu Firar Jul (CD)


    Mamma Mu Firar Jul, Ljudbok.

    Learn More
  4. Dans Kring Midsommarstången (CD)

    Dans Kring Midsommarstången (CD)

    Regular Price: SEK119.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Klassiska midsommarlåter
    Learn More
  5. Svenska Folkets Julfavoriter

    Svenska Folkets Julfavoriter


    Swedish people Christmas favorites. Songs mostly in Swedish. Learn More
  6. I Väntan På Julen (Audio CD)

    I Väntan På Julen (Audio CD)

    Regular Price: SEK169.00

    Special Price: SEK49.00

    Christmas songs in Swedish performed by children. Learn More
  7. Audiobook Pettson Får Julbesök

    Audiobook Pettson Får Julbesök

    Regular Price: SEK180.00

    Special Price: SEK159.00

    Out of stock

    Audiobook for children, Swedish speech Learn More
  8. Emils Jul (Audio CD)

    Emils Jul (Audio CD)


    Ljudbok, Emils Jul, författare Astrid Lindgren
    Learn More
  9. Byggare Bob 4 / Jul Hos Byggare Bob (DVD)

    Byggare Bob 4 / Jul Hos Byggare Bob (DVD)

    Regular Price: SEK223.00

    Special Price: SEK79.00

    Out of stock

    Movie for children, about Byggare Bob Learn More
  10. JulKalendern Sunes Jul (DVD)

    JulKalendern Sunes Jul (DVD)

    Regular Price: SEK287.00

    Special Price: SEK99.00

    Out of stock

    Swedish series about Sune, Swedish subtitles and speech. Learn More
  11. Tomten Är Far Till Alla Barnen

    Tomten Är Far Till Alla Barnen


    Out of stock

    Swedish comedy movie. Learn More
  12. Astrid Lindgrens Jul DVD

    Astrid Lindgrens Jul DVD

    Regular Price: SEK223.00

    Special Price: SEK119.00

    Out of stock

    Eight collected episodes from Astrid Lindgrens wellknown movies. Swedish speech. Learn More
  13. Astrid Lindgren - Jul I Bullerbyn

    Astrid Lindgren - Jul I Bullerbyn


    Out of stock

    Swedish picture book for children. Learn More
  14. Santa Dress Girl

    Santa Dress Girl


    Girls Santa Dress. Available in the following sizes: Learn More
  15. Snow Globe Sweden Viking

    Snow Globe Sweden Viking


    Out of stock

    A beautiful snow globe
    Learn More
  16. Bandana Red God Jul

    Bandana Red God Jul


    Cool baby bandana/scarf.

    65% Cotton / 35% Polyester

    Weight: 23 g Learn More
  17. Lucia Dress Boy

    Lucia Dress Boy


    Out of stock

    Lucia Dress for boys in all ages. Learn More
  18. Lucia Dress Unisex

    Lucia Dress Unisex


    Unisex Lucia linen. Fits both men and women. Learn More
  19. Boy Attendant On Lucia - Set

    Boy Attendant On Lucia - Set


    Hat and star. Learn More
  20. Lucia Dress Girl

    Lucia Dress Girl


    Out of stock

    Lucia Dress for girls in all ages. Learn More
  21. Lucia Crown Gold LED

    Lucia Crown Gold LED


    Gold colored Lucia crown. Learn More
  22. Lucia Silk Band

    Lucia Silk Band


    Red Silk Band, 3 cm x 3 m. Learn More
  23. Lucia Crown

    Lucia Crown


    Green lucia crown.

    Learn More
  24. Lucia Dress Women

    Lucia Dress Women


    Out of stock

    The style may differ slightly from the picture. Learn More
  25. Tinsel



    For Christmas decorations or the Lucia Dress. Learn More

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