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Swedish Stuff

Swedish Stuff and Souvenirs
  1. Potholder Dalahorse Kurbits

    Potholder Dalahorse Kurbits


    Really stylish potholder with Dalahäst / kurbits motif

    Learn More
  2. S-Sticker Car White/Flaggs

    S-Sticker Car White/Flaggs


    To stick on the car. Learn More
  3. Swedish Flagpole

    Swedish Flagpole


    Table flag with white bar, Flag for Sweden, birthday children and anniversaries or students and bride and groom.
    Learn More
  4. Swedish Flagpole Dorre

    Swedish Flagpole Dorre


    Out of stock

    Table flag with silver plated bar
    Learn More
  5. Grater Midsummer

    Grater Midsummer


    Out of stock

    Grater with nice summer motif

    Learn More
  6. Tablemat Tinterova

    Tablemat Tinterova


    Tablemat Tinterova Learn More
  7. Puzzle - Midsommar

    Puzzle - Midsommar


    Out of stock

    Midsummer Puzzle
    Learn More
  8. Hood Black Moose

    Hood Black Moose


    A super-stylish hat with moose motifs
    One size fits all
    100% cotton
    Learn More
  9. Candle Lantern Moose Glass Black

    Candle Lantern Moose Glass Black


    Out of stock

    Candlelight 8x10cm Moose Black / Gold. For heat light
    Learn More
  10. Pot standMidsummer

    Pot standMidsummer


    Superfine pottery with Midsummer motif Learn More
  11. Sweden Scarf

    Sweden Scarf


    A really big Sweden scarf.

    Learn More
  12. Tinterova Shopping Bag

    Tinterova Shopping Bag


    Out of stock

    Foldable, reusable shopping bag with Tinterova motif. Can be closed with zipper
    Learn More
  13. Tinterova Cake Slice

    Tinterova Cake Slice


    Cake slice, with Tinterova Motiv.

    Learn More
  14. Salt - Pepper Can Midsummer

    Salt - Pepper Can Midsummer


    Salt and pepper can in porcelain.
    Height 7cm, ø 4cm.
    The price refers to both salt and pepper cans.
    Learn More
  15. Oven Glove Dalahorse Kurbits

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Kurbits


    Really nice Oven glove with Dalahäst / kurbits motif.

    Learn More
  16. Oven Glove Dalahorse Black/white

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Black/white


    Oven glove with Dalah horse motif. Black and white. Design Heidi Lange. Learn More
  17. Snaps Glass Moose 4-Pack

    Snaps Glass Moose 4-Pack


    Shots / Snaps Glass Design Heidi Lange. 4 pcs with moose motifs

    Learn More
  18. Pot stan Landscape

    Pot stan Landscape


    Superfine potholder with landscape weapon motifs Learn More
  19. Coasters landscape Weapon

    Coasters landscape Weapon


    Coasters with landscape Weapon motifs Learn More
  20. Coasters Nordic Animal

    Coasters Nordic Animal


    Really Cool coasters with Nordic Animal motifs in green and black Learn More
  21. Tinterova Shopping Bag II

    Tinterova Shopping Bag II


    Out of stock

    Shopping bag with Tinterova motif, foldable, reusable. Can be closed with zipper
    Learn More
  22. Candle Lantern Dalahorse

    Candle Lantern Dalahorse


    Light lantern height 7 cm. For heat candles
    Learn More
  23. Candle Lantern Glass Dalahorse Black

    Candle Lantern Glass Dalahorse Black


    Light lantern 7x8cm Dala horse Black / Gold. For heat candles
    Learn More
  24. Coasters Carl Larsson

    Coasters Carl Larsson


    Out of stock

    Wonderful coasters with Carl Larsson motif.
    Learn More
  25. Hästskylt WELCOME

    Hästskylt WELCOME


    Horse Table WELCOME

    Learn More

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