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Swedish Stuff

Swedish Stuff and Souvenirs
  1. Tablemat Tinterova

    Tablemat Tinterova


    Tablemat Tinterova Learn More
  2. Coasters Carl Larsson

    Coasters Carl Larsson


    Wonderful coasters with Carl Larsson motif.
    Learn More
  3. Candle Lantern Glass Dalahorse

    Candle Lantern Glass Dalahorse


    Light lantern 7x8cm Dala horse Black / Gold. For heat candles
    Learn More
  4. Oven Glove Dalahorse Kurbits

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Kurbits


    Out of stock

    Really nice Oven glove with Dalahäst / kurbits motif.

    Learn More
  5. Oven Glove Dalahorse Black/white

    Oven Glove Dalahorse Black/white


    Oven glove with Dalah horse motif. Black and white. Design Heidi Lange. Learn More
  6. Pot stan Landscape

    Pot stan Landscape


    Superfine potholder with landscape weapon motifs Learn More
  7. Coasters landscape Weapon

    Coasters landscape Weapon


    Coasters with landscape Weapon motifs Learn More
  8. Coasters Nordic Animal

    Coasters Nordic Animal


    Really Cool coasters with Nordic Animal motifs in green and black Learn More
  9. Candle Lantern Dalahorse

    Candle Lantern Dalahorse


    Out of stock

    Light lantern height 7 cm. For heat candles
    Learn More
  10. Tomte Gusten STOR

    Tomte Gusten STOR


    Santa Claus Tim'' &'' Gurra''
    With knitted cap and beard of genuine sheepskin
    This is Gusten!
    Learn More
  11. Snow Globe Dalecarlia Horse

    Snow Globe Dalecarlia Horse


    A beautiful snow globe
    Learn More
  12. Oven Glove Three Crowns

    Oven Glove Three Crowns


    Out of stock

    Oven glove with the classic Swedish "Three Crowns". Obviously in the Swedish colors, yellow and blue. Learn More
  13. S-Sticker For The Car White

    S-Sticker For The Car White


    To stick on the car. Learn More
  14. Dalahorse/Table Decoration Girl

    Dalahorse/Table Decoration Girl


    Beautiful dalahorse table decoration. Made in Sweden. Learn More
  15. Headwear - Moose

    Headwear - Moose


    Stylish Headwear in stylish colors with mooses and Sweden text. Learn More
  16. SunHat SVERIGE

    SunHat SVERIGE


    Blue with yellow SVERIGE Learn More
  17. Sweden Socks white

    Sweden Socks white


    White ankle socks with Swedish flags and "Sweden" text. Learn More
  18. Potholder Midsummer

    Potholder Midsummer


    Gryt patch Midsummer/Sweden, Design Heide Langeg.

    Learn More
  19. Wallet Sweden

    Wallet Sweden


    Wallet Sweden

    • Size 6 x 9 cm
    • Two pockets on the inside
    • Made in Sweden Learn More
  20. /

    Measuring Spoon Dala Horse


    Measuring spoon made of oiled alder wood with burned Dala Horse Designs in the shaft. Learn More
  21. Coasters Dala Horses Tinterova

    Coasters Dala Horses Tinterova


    Coasters Dalahorses
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  22. Coin Case Sweden

    Coin Case Sweden


    Black Coin Case Sweden with wonderful Swedish words such as MIDSOMMAR, Surströmming, Viking, Älg etc. Learn More
  23. Tomtegumma



    Out of stock

    Brighten up your home for Christmas with this gorgeous little "Tomtegumma".
    Knitted striped cardigan in red and gray. In her hands she holds a red heart made of wood. Learn More
  24. Oven Glove Midsummer

    Oven Glove Midsummer


    Out of stock

    Oven glove Midsummer/Sweden, Design Heide Langeg.
    Learn More
  25. Candle Lantern Dalahorse

    Candle Lantern Dalahorse


    Super nice candle lantern with Dala horses.
    The lantern is shaped like a small globe and made of glass. For tealights. Learn More

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