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Swedish Stuff

Swedish Stuff and Souvenirs
  1. Measuring Set/Spoons sweden

    Measuring Set/Spoons sweden


    Plastic measuring spoons in swedish colors
    Learn More
  2. Napkins Elk/Moose

    Napkins Elk/Moose


    Size 33 X 33 cm. Weight: 120 g Learn More
  3. Sverigeboxen 3 CD

    Sverigeboxen 3 CD

    Regular Price: SEK330.00

    Special Price: SEK129.00

    Out of stock

    Sverigeboxen 3 CD Learn More
  4. Aluminium forms Toppits

    Aluminium forms Toppits


    30 Aluminium forms from Toppits. Learn More
  5. Muffin Forms

    Muffin Forms


    From Toppits, 48 items Learn More
  6. Ice Chocolate Forms Aluminium

    Ice Chocolate Forms Aluminium


    Aluminium molds from Toppits, 40 items. Learn More
  7. Toffee Moulds

    Toffee Moulds


    From Toppits, 240 items Learn More
  8. Dish Cloth - Wettex Soft & Fresh

    Dish Cloth - Wettex Soft & Fresh

    Dish cloth - Wettex Soft & Fresh

    Contains 5 dish cloths. Learn More
  9. Dish Cloth - Wettex Classic White

    Dish Cloth - Wettex Classic White

    Dish cloth - Wettex Classic White.

    Contains 4 dish cloths. Learn More
  10. Gingerbread Figure Frames

    Gingerbread Figure Frames


    Five different Gingerbread frames. Size is approximately 10cm. Learn More
  11. Measuring Set/Spoons

    Measuring Set/Spoons


    Plastic measuring spoons. Learn More
  12. Measuring Set/Spoons Steel

    Measuring Set/Spoons Steel


    Measuring set made of stainless steel. Learn More
  13. Svinto Foaming Soap Wool

    Svinto Foaming Soap Wool

    Svinto Foaming Soap Wool (Svinto Löddrande Tvålull) Learn More
  14. Potato Peeler

    Potato Peeler


    Potato peeler Learn More
  15. Spatula Gastromax Gap

    Spatula Gastromax Gap


    Plastic spatula, from Gastromax.
    Roasting shovel with holes and wide blade - optimal for turning and lifting pieces of meat and fish fillets
    Max temp 260 degrees celcius Learn More
  16. Garlic Press With Cleaner

    Garlic Press With Cleaner


    Garlic Press With Cleaner Learn More
  17. Can-opener Black

    Can-opener Black


    Opener from ICA Cook & Eat. Learn More
  18. Can-opener Small

    Can-opener Small


    Opener from ICA Cook & Eat. Learn More
  19. Allduk 35-p

    Allduk 35-p


    The fabric is high-absorbent, not luster, wet and hygienic. Suitable for windows, mirrors, sink and other surfaces. Not chlorinated. Learn More
  20. Spatula Gastromax

    Spatula Gastromax


    Plastic spatula, from Gastromax.
    Thin flexible blade with bevelled edges.
    Max temp 260 degrees celcius Learn More
  21. Kubb game

    Kubb game


    Classical Swedish kubb game! Learn More
  22. Napkins Crayfish Party

    Napkins Crayfish Party


    No one can survive a crayfish party without proper napkins Learn More
  23. Christmas Napkins

    Christmas Napkins


    Size 33 x 33 cm. Learn More
  24. Napkins Party

    Napkins Party


    Out of stock

    Perfect napkins for the party. 12 different drinking songs are printed on the napkins. (in Swedish) Learn More
  25. Napkins Sweden Couple

    Napkins Sweden Couple


    Napkin Sweden Couple Mia.L Learn More

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