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Swedish Stuff

Swedish Stuff and Souvenirs
  1. Snow Globe Sweden Viking

    Snow Globe Sweden Viking


    Out of stock

    A beautiful snow globe
    Learn More
  2. Bandana Red God Jul

    Bandana Red God Jul


    Cool baby bandana/scarf.

    65% Cotton / 35% Polyester

    Weight: 23 g Learn More
  3. Bandana Sweden Yellow

    Bandana Sweden Yellow


    Out of stock

    Really Cool quality baby bandana/scarf.
    Yellow with blue Sweden embroided, a perfect bib Learn More
  4. Pot stand Tinterova

    Pot stand Tinterova


    Pot stand Tinterova Learn More
  5. Puzzle - Stockholm

    Puzzle - Stockholm


    Stockholm Puzzle

    Nice puzzle 38 x 28 cm. Stockholm Design.
    Learn More
  6. Coasters Sweden

    Coasters Sweden


    Coasters Sweden
    Sweden Views.
    Set of 6 different designs.
    Note that pictures/motif may differ slightly from image
    Size 95 x 95 mm Learn More
  7. Memory Game - Sweden II

    Memory Game - Sweden II


    Sweden Memo. Contains 32 cards, (16 pairs). Learn More
  8. Gingerbread Frames Sweden

    Gingerbread Frames Sweden


    Out of stock

    Gingerbread Figure Frames in metal, wrapped in a nice gift bag Learn More
  9. Cheese Slicer - Dala Horse Tinterova

    Cheese Slicer - Dala Horse Tinterova


    A really fine Swedish Cheese Slicer
    Learn More
  10. Bandana Sweden  Blue

    Bandana Sweden Blue


    Out of stock

    <p>Really Cool quality baby bandana/scarf.<br />Blue with Yellow Sweden embroided, a perfect bib<br /><br /><br />65% Bomull/ 35%Polyester<br /><br /><br />Weight: 14 g</p> Learn More
  11. Post Card Sweden

    Post Card Sweden


    15 cm x 10.5 cm Learn More
  12. Glimmis Reflex Moose

    Glimmis Reflex Moose


    Reflex Moose Learn More
  13. Kitchen Towel Midsummer

    Kitchen Towel Midsummer


    Kitchen towel in Sweden / Midsummer motives

    Learn More
  14. Table Decoration Santa Swedish Flag

    Table Decoration Santa Swedish Flag


    Weight: 12 g Learn More
  15. Sweden Flag 150x90 cm

    Sweden Flag 150x90 cm


    Sweden Flag, Size: 150x90 cm Learn More
  16. Candle Holder Sweden

    Candle Holder Sweden


    Out of stock

    Swedish made holders for Candle tea lights. Learn More
  17. Napkins Crayfish Party Big

    Napkins Crayfish Party Big

    Regular Price: SEK42.00

    Special Price: SEK19.00

    20 pcs crayfish party napkins Learn More
  18. Sweden Keyring Dalecarlia Horse

    Sweden Keyring Dalecarlia Horse

    Keyring with Dalecarlia Horse, double-sided. Learn More
  19. Kitchen Towel Black Sweden

    Kitchen Towel Black Sweden


    A black kitchen towel, sweden Learn More
  20. Swedish Flagpole Mini

    Swedish Flagpole Mini

    A mini flagpole with the Swedish flag on top. Wooden pole and flag made of paper. Nice to set on the table on Midsummer's Eve, birthdays and other occations. Such as Christmas and Easter for example. Learn More
  21. Sweden Moose Socks Blue

    Sweden Moose Socks Blue


    Best looking socks!
    Learn More
  22. Glimmis Reflex Pippi Langstrump

    Glimmis Reflex Pippi Langstrump


    Out of stock

    Reflex Pippi Langstrump Learn More
  23. Sweden Sunglasses II

    Sweden Sunglasses II


    A must in the sun, Sweden sunglasses Learn More
  24. Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Kurbits

    Glimmis Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Kurbits


    Out of stock

    Reflex Dalecarlia Horse Kurbits Learn More
  25. Dish Cloth - Kurbitz

    Dish Cloth - Kurbitz


    When you want a little luxury it in the kitchen, dish rack Cloth kurbitz motives, which is printed in water-based color.

    Learn More

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